Wrap Up

We wanted to share with you some nonprofit articles, opinions and resources that caught our eye in the month of August.

8 Reasons Why I Didn’t Respond to Your Fundraising Letter – “Writing and packaging a fundraising appeal is hard work. So it’s a shame when it falls flat. Here are some of the reasons your letter didn’t succeed, from the donor’s point of view.”
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Fundraise Better: What You Need To Know About Empathy – “If you’re trying to persuade someone to make a decision – in this case, a donation – you depend on emotion. We make decisions with our feelings, then rationalize that choice.”
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Why You Should Stop Scolding Donors to Make Unrestricted Gifts – “The practice of worshiping at the altar of unrestricted giving is about as non-donor-centered as it gets!”
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[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Types of Wealth Screening Donor Data – “Here is a list of the top seven types of information that should be included in your next wealth screening:”
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New from the experts at Bloomerang:

[FREE EBOOK] The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Donor Data Management

Proper data management is tough, but it’s not impossible. Use this eBook to keep your donor database clean and useful.
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[FREE WEBINAR] Content Marketing – The New Fundraising Growth Model

Mike Browne, Founder of Browne Innovation Group, will share compelling facts and details of not only why nonprofit fundraisers should begin shifting their fundraising to a content marketing-based model, but how easy and inexpensive it is.
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Happy fundraising!

Cody Lawson

Cody Lawson

Product Manager at Bloomerang
Cody is a Product Manager at Bloomerang. Cody holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Rhetoric from Wabash College. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree with a concentration in Health Law from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis. He's been a valued member of Bloomerang since the doors opened in 2012.