In 2013, we published over 230 blog posts from some of the best thinkers in the nonprofit sector. Here’s a look at the 10 most-shared posts of the year:

An Open Letter to the “Overhead Myth” Authors

Dr. Eugene R. Tempel, founding dean of the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, responds to a letter denouncing the “overhead ratio” as a valid indicator of nonprofit performance.

5 Ways to Improve New Donor Retention

Our own Jay Loves shares tips for getting first-time donors to give to your organization a second time.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector

The USF Online Master of Public Administration program created an infographic detailing the impact that the nonprofit sector makes on the economy.

Growth in the Nonprofit Sector

7 Characteristics of an Effective Thank You Letter

Pamela Grow shares her template for acknowledgements that lift a donor’s heart.

11 Mistakes Nonprofits Make On Twitter And How To Avoid Them

Is your nonprofit active on Twitter? Our own Steven Shattuck has some advice for making the most out of the social network.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Write An Annual Fundraising Appeal Letter

Our collaborative infographic with Tom Ahern takes you through the process of writing a dynamite appeal letter.

How To Make Your Donors Feel Like Heroes

Rachel Muir has a guide to making your donors feel like the hero of your story (because they are)!

12 Tips for Improving Your Donor Communications

Donor communications expert Tom Ahern wants you to implement a few small changes in order to begin building donor loyalty.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Survey Report

The data found in our most popular post of the year should scare and motivate you.

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Misses Out By Not Using Video

Online video expert Rocky Walls wants your nonprofit to make videos, and a lot of them.

What were some of your favorite blog posts in 2013?

Kristen Hay

Kristen Hay

Marketing Manager at Bloomerang
Kristen Hay is the Marketing Manager at Bloomerang. From 2018 - 2020, she served as the Director of Communications for the Public Relations Society of America's local Hoosier chapter. Prior to that she served on several different committees and in committee chair roles.