There’s no shortage of online tools available to fundraisers. Between online giving, mobile apps, social media and donor management software, it can be difficult to discern what technologies are worth paying attention to and which are just distractions.

Find Accounting Software recently interviewed 13 leaders in the nonprofit sector to get their thoughts on which technologies can truly help nonprofits raise more money and retain more donors.

 13 Expert Ideas on Using Technology to Improve Fundraising

Our own Steven Shattuck had this to say:

Access cloud-based donor management software anytime, anywhere

The cloud-computing revolution is just now sweeping through the non-profit sector, as many legacy fundraising CRMs are switching to the cloud while new, next-gen products emerge. This is good news for fundraisers, especially those still struggling with locally installed software that is expensive and cumbersome to upgrade – or no software at all. One major benefit of cloud-based donor management software is that it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, by multiple fundraisers with an organization. That means teams of two or more can collaborate more efficiently by inputting notes, interactions and pledges into a centrally accessible database, eliminating the risk of missing out on a donation because of incomplete, spotty or misunderstood record keeping.

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Chris Painchaud

Chris Painchaud

Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang
Chris Painchaud is a Senior Account Executive at Bloomerang. An avid volunteer and P2P fundraiser, was the #1 personal fundraiser for the 2018 Indiana Tour De Cure (American Diabetes Association) - out of 1,400 participants. Chris has over 14 years of experience working with nonprofits on their database and CRM needs.