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Groups: Strengthen your donor community with actionable data.

Groups: Strengthen your donor community with actionable data.
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Understand how your donors give to unlock their generosity.

Donor segmentation is essential to every nonprofit’s toolkit. It involves the process of categorizing supporters into groups based on shared qualities and characteristics. This allows nonprofits to efficiently personalize interactions and communications to develop relationships with a large number of supporters at once.

Segmentation creates a personalized experience for constituents and impacts donor retention. Providing supporters with the activities and opportunities that match their interests helps build their connection to your nonprofit. It creates more personalized interactions, building loyalty to your nonprofit and increasing the chances that they will continue engaging and contributing to your mission.

Effective donor segmentation requires an understanding of your donors and how they give. Bloomerang’s Groups feature makes it easy for you to effectively organize, understand, and act on your data.
Bloomerang's Groups feature

Save time

Donors are automatically assigned to a Group based on their giving, or easily managed by your nonprofit, so you can focus on next steps.

  • Dynamic Groups update automatically based on donors giving, and adjust as their giving changes over time.
  • Add or remove members to static Groups in bulk from a report or the Groups page, or individually from a constituent’s profile.
  • User Groups give you flexibility to segment constituents and donors based on your nonprofit’s unique needs.

Understand how your donors give

Get to know each Group deeper through high-level transaction summaries, giving over time, and demographic data, including:

  • Average revenue transaction, fiscal year revenue, and lifetime revenue.
  • Month over month giving trends over the last three years.
  • Breakdown based on gender and age.

Unlock your donors’ generosity

Create cultivation and stewardship plans tailored to each segment to build lasting relationships and raise more for your mission.

  • Use the data from Groups to set goals and develop a personalized plan for each segment.
  • Use Groups in emails or letters to execute your next steps.
  • Funnel donors into appropriate nurture streams as they move to a different Group.

Want some ideas on segments you can use Groups for, and tips for success? Check out this comprehensive guide on donor segmentation.

If you’re ready to harness the power of donor segmentation to nurture lasting relationships and raise more for your mission, let us show you how Bloomerang can help!

Already using Bloomerang? Take a minute to learn more by reading our help article on Groups, or watching this Academy recording. Get started with Groups and let us know how we can continue improving by sharing your ideas here.

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