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Nonprofit Culture of Philanthropy Checklist

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Do you have a culture of philanthropy at your nonprofit?

You either do or you don’t. There’s no in-between. All it takes To destroy your nonprofit’s reputation as a force of goodness in the world is:

  • One rude receptionist.
  • One program staffer who doesn’t return phone calls promptly.
  • One harried volunteer coordinator who doesn’t listen closely.
  • One board member who says ‘development need not be on the agenda.’

Philanthropy requires all hands on deck. Without this you’re not going to accomplish anywhere near what you could, or should. Just one person who doesn’t ‘get it’ can undermine the work of everyone else.

That’s why I put together this free nonprofit Culture of Philanthropy Checklist.

You can use it to determine if your nonprofit has a culture of philanthropy in place. It also has some suggestions for how to get started with creating one at your organization.

You can download it for free here >>

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