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Enhancing Digital Storytelling

The Power Of Fundraising Technology Integration

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For years, when nonprofits would publish digital reports with their best stories, they had to point inspired readers to a separate page to make a donation, disrupting the storytelling to fundraising pipeline.

We solved this problem with Storyraise, a solution for nonprofits to create digital annual, impact, and donor reports. Readers can make a donation on the spot, without being directed away from the page they’re on. The best part: You can integrate Bloomerang into your Storyraise report, meaning you get donations and learn about your donors all in one platform. In the world of digital reporting, this dramatic shift is enhancing the user experience on both sides.

Moreover, the integration of storytelling and technology is transforming how nonprofits raise money, reshaping the way people engage with stories and make donations because of those stories. Here are some of the benefits:

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More dollars, less clicking

One of the key benefits of incorporating fundraising technology into digital storytelling is the ability to create a seamless and immersive experience for the audience.

Instead of disrupting the narrative flow with external links or calls-to-action, donations become an integral part of the story itself. Whether it’s a blog post, article, or social media campaign, when you use Storyraise, the donation process seamlessly blends into the content, enhancing engagement and fostering a deeper connection with the cause.

Moreover, the integration of fundraising technology into digital storytelling streamlines the donation process, removing barriers and friction points that may deter potential donors.

With a simple and intuitive interface, audiences can contribute to the cause without leaving the story or navigating through multiple pages. This frictionless experience not only increases conversion rates but also encourages spontaneous giving, as individuals are more likely to act when the process is convenient and hassle-free.

Focus on impact

By integrating donation functionalities directly into digital narratives, organizations can capitalize on the power of storytelling to evoke empathy and inspire action.

Humanizing complex issues through compelling narratives not only raises awareness but also motivates individuals to support the cause emotionally and financially. By facilitating instant donations within the context of a story, Storyraise fundraising technology empowers audiences to translate their emotional response into tangible impact with just a few clicks.

Measurable results

Another significant advantage of incorporating fundraising technology into digital storytelling is the ability to track and measure the impact of storytelling efforts in real-time. By integrating analytics and reporting tools into donation platforms, organizations can gain insights into audience behavior, engagement metrics, and fundraising performance.

This data-driven approach enables continuous optimization of storytelling strategies, allowing organizations to refine their narratives and maximize fundraising effectiveness over time.

New engagement opportunities

The integration of fundraising technology into digital storytelling via Storyraise opens up new possibilities for audience engagement and participation. Interactive elements, such as donation milestones, progress trackers, and personalized thank-you messages, create a sense of transparency and accountability, fostering trust and loyalty among donors.

Additionally, features such as peer-to-peer fundraising and social sharing empower supporters to become advocates for the cause, amplifying the reach and impact of storytelling efforts across digital channels.

The integration of fundraising technology into digital storytelling represents a paradigm shift in how nonprofits and content creators engage with audiences and drive social impact. By using Storyraise to embed donation functionalities directly into narratives, organizations can create seamless and immersive experiences that inspire action, foster empathy, and catalyze online fundraising efforts.

From enhancing the user experience to streamlining operations, the benefits of this approach are manyfold, signaling a new era of storytelling where technology and empathy converge to create meaningful and positive change in the world.

Get started by embedding a Bloomerang Online Giving Form into your Storyraise report, when making a case for giving

Step 1: Get your hosted donation form URL from Bloomerang

  1. Log into Bloomerang, go to “Communications” > “Forms” > “Online Giving.”
  2. Find or create a donation form, click “View Hosted Form,” and copy the URL from the new window.

Step 2: Add a donate block in Storyraise

  1. Open your report in Storyraise.
  2. Find the “Donate” block under “Blocks” and drag it into your report.
  3. Click “Bloomerang” under “Add Donate Widgets” and paste the copied URL when prompted.

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