[VIDEO] Creating A 12-Month Donor Engagement Plan

In this webinar, Brian Lauterbach will show you the steps you need to take in order to retain and upgrade donors all year long. Full Transcript: Steven: Okay. All right, Brian, my watch just struck 2:00 Eastern here. Is it okay if I go ahead and get this party started? [...]

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[VIDEO] Major Gift Fundraising on a Shoestring Budget

In this webinar, Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE will show you where to begin (even if your budget isn’t huge), which prospects to prioritize, how to develop and manage a major donor pipeline and cultivation plan, and how to get and stay organized so you reach your goals. Full Transcript: Steven: [...]

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[VIDEO] Is There A Grant For My Nonprofit?

In this webinar, Margit Brazda Poirier will show you how to find the right grants for your nonprofit organization’s important work! Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Margit, my watch just struck two o'clock. Is okay, if I go ahead and get this party started? Margit: Yes, let's do it. Sounds [...]

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[VIDEO] 8 Expert Tips To Raise $10K+ On Facebook

In this webinar, Sean Kosofsky will show you eight tips that will dramatically increase the number of dollars you raise on Facebook. Full Transcript: Steven: All right, Sean. Is it okay if I go ahead and get this party started officially? Sean: Sure. Let's get this party started. Steven: All [...]

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[VIDEO] Effective Ways to Engage Young Donors

In this webinar, Rachel Clemens and Caroline Fothergill of Mighty Citizen will walk through inspiring real-world examples of how nonprofit organizations are using dynamic campaigns to reach Millennials and to generate mission-fueling revenue. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. Rachel, Caroline, is it okay if I go ahead and get this [...]

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