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Can You Take This Survey On Nonprofit Bequest Marketing?

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Did you know that bequest marketing produces the most ROI (return on investment) of any fundraising activity?

In fact, it’s “kind of off the charts” according to Tom Ahern.

He goes on to say that “While a good major gifts officer can bring in 10 to 20 times her salary, the average major gift is smaller than people assume — around $5,000. However, the average U.S. charitable bequest is around $32,000.

The bad news is we lag behind other nations, especially the U.K. where the average bequest is $54,000, and Australia where it’s a whopping $200,000.

We want to know why! That’s why we developed a comprehensive survey to study the current trends and opportunities in nonprofit bequest marketing.

If you have five minutes free, please consider taking the survey below. Your answers will help A LOT of nonprofits … including your own!

Feel free to share the survey with colleagues at other organizations (or other chapters of your organization).

Thank you in advance — your help is truly appreciated.

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