Happy fall to all! Just in time for cool weather and the holidays, we’re bringing you a new release! Today’s release brings you a new processor integration, report and filter updates, user permissions, and more. Read on!

Bad/Invalid Address Field & NCOA

We actually were able to bring this update into the product back in September, but just in case you missed it, here is our new Bad/Invalid Address field for addresses:

Bad Address Field

When this is selected, a little flag appears on the Profile and account header to help alert you to bad addresses when viewing a constituent. You can also filter and report on this info. And, maybe most importantly, it is used as part of our NCOA update process! If you’re interested in having an NCOA run on your database, check in with our Sales team to find out more!


Letter Editor Interface Update

We wanted to open up our Letter editor screen a bit more to give you a bigger, more natural-feeling editing area. Now the letter editor should allow you to more easily view your document as you edit, and the editor options will float down the screen with you as you scroll.

Letter Editor

User Permissions

We’ve added some new User Permissions to help you better control who has access to what.

User Permissions

Administrator users can access everything, while Standard Users will be barred from accessing any of the Settings areas. Among other things, this prevents Standard Users from updating fields or adding or editing other user accounts.

Report & Filter Updates

We’ve made a few updates to reports and filters to make editing easier and expand our capabilities.

Move Columns More Easily

Were you as tired of the Move Left and Move Right options as we were? Well, now you can simply click on the location where you want the column to go. So much faster and easier!

Move Report Columns

Sort More Easily

The Sort option, previously tucked away under “Edit”, now gets its own spot in the dropdown menu for each column.

Sort Report Ascending

Once you’ve chosen to Sort by a particular column, a sort indicator appears next to the column name, and you can change the direction of the sort or remove the sort using the options that now appear in the menu.

Sort Report Descending

Grouping Updates

We’ve updated our Report Grouping to ensure that the groups appear in ascending order, and we’ve also labeled the Grouping Options button to help you more easily see it.

Report Grouping Options


New Report Column: Household Name

For those of you who want to be able to see  Household Name while still displaying the household members’ details, we have added a Household Name column.

Household Name Column


New Filter: Recurring Donation Status

Locate your recurring donations based on whether they are still active or have ended using the new Recurring Donation Status filter.

Recurring Donation Status Filter


New Filter: Giving History

Perhaps the biggest change to our filtering and reporting capabilities is the new Giving History filter. This filter takes the place of the Has Transaction in a Date range filter, and it allows you, on any type of report, to locate constituents whose timeline shows transactions of a certain type, in a certain date range, to a certain fund, campaign, or appeal, that add up to a certain amount.

Giving History Filter

As you can see, this is a very powerful filter!

Processing & Transaction Updates

Credit Card and EFT Processing through BluePay

We are excited to bring you some new processing options through a new integration with BluePay!

BluePay Logo

Not only can BluePay process credit cards and refunds, but you can also process EFT donations through Bloomerang with a BluePay account.

You can learn more about your processing options in Bloomerang here and here, and sign up for a BluePay account here.

Choose a Default Processor

If you have multiple processors on your database,  you can now select a Default processor. The Default processor is the one that will be used to process donations online via any Bloomerang Donation Widgets you are using.

Set up Manually Processed Recurring Donations

Do you have any recurring donations where the donor will be sending in payments rather than using a credit card or EFT? You can now set up recurring donations in Bloomerang without a credit card or EFT entry, allowing for things like payroll deductions to be entered more easily as a recurring donation payment.



Want more info on these updates? Have an idea for a new feature you’d like to see in Bloomerang? If you have questions, comments, or requests for future development, be sure to let our Support team know!

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