On 2/23/2015, we released a major improvement to how organizations manage an email relationship with their constituents.

“Subscription Lists” are now “Email Interests”

To make their purpose much clearer, Subscription Lists in Bloomerang have been re-named Email Interests. The purpose of the interests has not changed – they are still a list of email communication types that your constituents can opt-in or out of.

To see more on how to organize your email communication and properly use Email Interests, look at this article on our website.

Mass email opt-outs will now be directly related to Email Interests

If a constituent opts-out of all email interests, they won’t receive any mass email. This effectively means they are opted-out. We have updated the user interface in Bloomerang to better illustrate this.

The email opted-out field will be a property of Email Interests (it’s currently a Communication Restriction). To filter and report on this field, you will use the Email Interest Status field that summarizes each constituent’s Email Interests (Any, Customized, or Opted Out).

When creating a mass email, at least one Email Interest is required

Currently, you can send out an email without selecting any email interests. Sending a message like this is bad for the constituent for two reasons:

  1. If I have customized my Email Interests, I would never receive a mass email sent to no lists
  2. If I haven’t customized my Email Interests and don’t like that email, modifying my interests doesn’t affect what message I get in the future.

We’ve improved the workflow in Bloomerang to ensure you are consciously selecting what interests each email would apply to. This increases your open rate and decreases opt-outs because donors are getting what they expect more frequently.

Enhancements to the Recipient Portal

To round out the enhancements, we added a link to the email footer for managing email preferences. This way, it is clear for recipients that they can change what types of email they get as well as a way to change what address they want you to send it to.

Other Changes

  • It now takes another click to modify a constituent’s Email Interests from the “edit profile” screen. This is to reiterate the idea that the organization shouldn’t change these unless directed to do so by the constituent. Help text has been added to this page for that purpose.
  • Added help text in the application when creating Email Interests to describe their intended use. This also includes a preview link of the recipient portal so Bloomerang users can see how Email Interests are displayed to their constituents.
  • To reinforce proper use of the feaure, Email Interests can not be used as a filter on emails.
  • Improved wording for how selected Email Interests will affect filtered constituents

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Ross Hendrickson

Ross Hendrickson

Co-Founder and CEO at Bloomerang
Ross Hendrickson is a co-founder and the CEO of Bloomerang. Prior to co-founding Bloomerang, he served as Product Manager for Bostech Corporation and later Avectra. Ross serves on the Horizon Council, the young professionals leadership council of the Indianapolis-based nonprofit Conner Prairie. He graduated with a B.S. in Economics & Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University.