Hello and happy Monday! Over the weekend, we put out a patch for some behind-the-scenes stuff, but we included a few updates for flagging Bad Addresses as well. Have a look at what’s new!


Bad/Invalid Address Field

When editing addresses on constituent records, you can now mark a particular address as Bad/Invalid.

Bad Address Field


On the profile page, a flag appears next to each address that is marked as Bad. Additionally, if the Primary address is marked as Bad, then the flag will also appear in the account header so that you can see it from any screen on the account.

Bad Address Flag


If you are the kind of person who likes to look up someone’s record while writing them an email, talking with them on the phone, or before a face-to-face meeting, this Bad Address flag can help prompt you to get updated address info from the constituent. This can help you ensure that you’re successfully reaching constituents when mailing them and helps you provide a better level of service to them – a win for everyone.


Bad Address Filter & Report Column

When setting up filters, you can use the new “Is Primary Address Bad?” filter to either include or exclude constituents where the primary address is flagged as Bad.

Bad Address Filter


You can use this in letters to ensure you’re not sending mail to bad or invalid addresses, and in reports to pull lists of constituents where the address info needs updating. And of course, there is a new Is Bad Address? column that you can include in reports to show which constituents have bad primary address info.


We hope you’ll find these new Bad Address features helpful as you work to maintain the integrity of your data and keep all of your constituents up-to-date and connected to you!

Melissa Signorelli
Melissa Signorelli is a Co-Founder of Bloomerang.
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