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Better Donor Communication Equals a Better Donor Database in 2013!

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How to Use Social Media to Improve Donor Loyalty

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Happy New Year!  As usual, the calendar changes years, and it is a perfect time to reflect back on the previous year’s success and challenges.  Did you meet your fundraising goals?  Were you able to expand your reach and spread your mission to more people?  Were you able to retain more donors than the year before?  These are all great questions!

I had the privilege of talking through the many needs of an organization considering Bloomerang as their new fundraising software.  We discussed many of their struggles, and among them were:

1.     Difficultly in Extracting Data
2.     Current System is Difficult to Use
3.     Poor Customer Support from their Current Vendor
4.     Donor Communication Issues

The last item was the strongest motive for making a change, so let’s explore it.

Better Donor Communication Via Bloomerang Email

Bloomerang is launching our new mass email communication functionality early in 2013!  I was able to tell this organization how they can use fundraising software like Bloomerang to create top notch customized e-newsletters for donors:

Imagine… a custom designed email communication, easily targeted to any segment in your Bloomerang database, allowing for personalized vital communication with any constituent in your fundraising software!

Even More Than Custom Emails – Communication Reporting

Using Bloomerang, non-profits will be able to track who opened the email and where each donor clicked links to find more information!  This organization was truly excited about what this could mean in relationship building with their constituents.

Donor Engagement Within the Communication Cycle

Bloomerang will take the email communication to the next level!  Part of the donor engagement ranking within the Bloomerang database is based on who is subscribing to your emails, opening your e-newsletters, forwarding your messaging and clicking on links within them.   How a donor interacts with your email communication is a very important measure to their engagement!  Remember the more engaged your donors are, the more likely you will be able to retain them over time!

What will you do different or better in 2013? I hope you will consider using your email communications to better connect with your donors, and determine how engaged they are to your organization!  I am willing to bet that this resolution could have a major impact on funding your mission!

See How Bloomerang Can Have a Bigger Impact on Your Mission!

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