Happy New Year! 2014 is here, and with it are new sets of challenges for fundraisers and other nonprofiteers. We asked a few fundraising experts what they think 2014 has in store for the nonprofit sector. Here’s what they said:

Nonprofits MUST focus on donor retention and building relationships for sustainability in 2014. The days of expecting people to give simply because your organization does good work are over. People are looking for nonprofits to support that help them feel good about their decision to give. – Sandy Rees, CFRE

Six Experts

I’m excited that in 2014, donors to cutting-edge nonprofits will experience a surge of gratitude. It will be awkward at first, learning a new habit often is. But the numbers don’t lie. Thanking is the right thing to do. And, conveniently, thanking donors is a very cost effective way of increasing fundraising! So the right nonprofits will pursue it until thanking becomes comfortable, even normal. – Marc A. Pitman

In 2014 I think we’ll see an even stronger emergence of crowdfunding as a standard tactic for online fundraising, taking its place alongside the donate button, e-mail fundraising, and social media as a prime online channel for non-profits. – Joe Garecht

More focus on donor retention, more effort put into board recruitment and training, more ethical dillemas. – Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

If nonprofits are smart, they will launch more planned giving programs, focus more energy on Boomers, learn more about using technology (and polish their online presence), and polish their stewardship activities to keep current donors. Having said that, I expect next year to be similar to this one, generally speaking. – Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

There will be more distractions than ever driving fundraisers away from cultivating relationship with donors. Fundraisers need to focus on the fundamentals of meeting with donors face-to-face and meeting their needs. Resist the temptations of Twitter fundraising, re-branding, and more events. – Brent A. Hafele, M.A.

What do you think nonprofits should look out for or concentrate on in 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

Amy Sermersheim
Amy Sermersheim is an Account Executive at Bloomerang.