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4 Inspiring Nonprofit Year-End Thank You Videos

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There are many ways to thank your donors for all their support in the previous year: send an email, write a note, make a phone call, or even hold an event.

One medium that can be quite effective in thanking your donors is video. Luckily, it’s never been easier or cheaper to produce a high-quality video.

If your considering producing a year-end thank you video, here are four examples from nonprofits that you can draw inspiration from:

1. Infectious Disease Research Institute

IDRI produced a video that highlights its accomplishments throughout the year. Bookended by a personal message from the President and Founder, several employees hold up placards that each display a small achievement. They’re all very specific; no fluff or rhetoric. Disease research isn’t the most exciting topic (sorry, scientists), so they include some lighthearted music and sprinkle in some humor periodically.

Research shows that donors not only want to know how their dollars are being spent, but also want to know that the organizations they support are effective in trying to achieve their mission. For an organization like IDRI, whose name itself contains a mandate, communicating accomplishments is absolutely critical.

2. International Center for Journalists

ICFJ takes a similar approach to IDRI, but with two distinct differences.

First, the impact being communicated comes directly from those who ICFJ serves. For example, one journalist touts how she was able to design a new digital newsroom, while others celebrate earning advanced degrees – and it’s all “thanks to your support!”

Second, ICFJ compiled this video from just photos – no cameras or equipment required! Organizations on a budget can make a lot happen with just photos.

3. Center for Comprehensive Health Practice

CCHP weaves together dozens of interviews from employees, donors, volunteers and those they serve to create a video that shows the true value and impact of the organization. Sometimes, the best donor communications doesn’t start as a blank Word doc. You only need the voices of real people to tell the story.

4. Johns Hopkins University

Donor-centricity takes center stage in this video from Johns Hopkins University. While matching their high production values may be cost-prohibitive for most nonprofits, putting the donor at the center of the story should never be a problem.

The short video is framed around three statements: “For the time you spend,” “the effort you make,” and “the lives you change,” followed by “thank you – keep up the good work.” After all, nothing that a nonprofit does is possible without the support of donors.

So before you start producing your next thank you video, take some cues from the examples above.

Has your nonprofit created a year-end donor thank you video? Share it with us in the comments section!

Thanks to Tom Furtwangler, Pamela Grow, Caroline Avakian and Michelle Gadot of the Nonprofit Communications Professionals group for their suggestions!

What other thank you video ideas do you have? Please share in the comments!

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