Mark Phillips, the founder and CEO of fundraising agency Bluefrog, recently posted the following venn diagram on his blog, in a post titled “The fundraising paradox.”

It represents the simplest and best visualization of donor-centric communication.


Bravo, Mark.

If you have a mic, I hope you dropped it.

Steven Shattuck

Steven Shattuck

Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang
Steven Shattuck is Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang. A prolific writer and speaker, Steven is a contributor to "Fundraising Principles and Practice: Second Edition" and volunteers his time on the Project Work Group of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, is an AFP Center for Fundraising Innovation (CFI) committee member, and sits on the faculty of the Institute for Charitable Giving. He is the author of Robots Make Bad Fundraisers - How Nonprofits Can Maintain the Heart in the Digital Age, published by Bold and Bright Media.