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Considering a Capital Campaign? You Need A Toolkit!

capital campaign toolkit
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One of the key steps and perhaps the most important one of the Bloomerang Consultative Sales Process is our Needs Analysis. Within this crucial step we explore every objective the nonprofit has for their CRM/record keeping/communication system as well reviewing all functions needed and problems to be solved. Often we uncover one or more of the following items regarding a capital campaign:

  1. They are actively planning on their first one in the future
  2. They are considering their first one, but unsure of next steps
  3. Their last campaign did not reach goal
  4. Their last campaign reached goal, but was far from easy
  5. They are adept and successful at capital campaigns

The organizations falling into the first four groups above are always searching for help, especially those smaller charities considering small to moderate campaigns.  

There are many options for such groups ranging from full-fledged on-site fundraising counsel to how-to books.  

Now thanks to the efforts of two friends of Bloomerang, Amy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt, there is a new option to consider.

We are delighted to make the thousands of Bloomerang customers and tens of thousands of other small and medium size nonprofits that follow this blog aware of this new option.

Capital Campaign Toolkit

Most nonprofit professionals and board members have little or no capital campaign experience, and they don’t know how to lead their organizations through a successful capital campaign. Historically, they have relied on full-service consultants to show them the way.

Now whether they are considering a capital campaign or working with a campaign consultant. there is a tool to assist with both the planning and execution of such an important endeavor.

The Capital Campaign Toolkit provides all the tools and resources necessary for a successful campaign, directly to nonprofit professionals. The toolkit makes available the resources that are often used by campaign consultants.

The Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for each phase of a capital campaign, taking away the guesswork about what to do next and how to do it. With all the necessary tools at their disposal, nonprofit professionals will be knowledgeable and equipped to make smart, informed decisions about when and what type of campaign consulting they might need. And, they will have all the tools and resources necessary to be confident about the progress of their campaign and the competency of their consultant.

Get your free campaign checklist and timeline from the Toolkit. Check it out here

According to Amy and Andrea there will be two versions of the Toolkit, one for nonprofit professionals and another for campaign consultants.

This seems quite brilliant…

The consultant version will help those who are new to campaign consulting, so they can use the best tools available with their clients and have confidence in the services they are providing.

We think this will be worth checking out, especially if you fall into any of the first four of the five groups outlined above.

Here are a couple of Bloomerang high fives to Amy and Andrea for the creation of this new tool!

How to Write a Fundraising Plan in 2 Steps!

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