[FREE DOWNLOAD] A Beginner’s Guide to Finding The Best Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database

Prospect research is difficult. Asking for upgrades, major gifts and bequests is something that every fundraiser wants to do. But identifying the best supporters in your lists for those types of asks can be an even bigger challenge than the ask itself. Oftentimes we look only to the wealthy. But [...]

8 Over-Looked Donor Prospects Hidden In Your Database, Just Waiting to Give More

There's little argument that long-term, loyal donors are your best prospects for things like major gifts and planned gifts. Monthly donors, active volunteers, current and former service recipients, and the securely retired (especially the childless and empty-nesters) are also great prospects. But who else might be lurking in your donor [...]

We Want You Back! A Simple Strategy for Reactivating Lapsed Donors

Most non-profits see lapsed donors as a bad thing... and rightfully so. If your organization is having trouble retaining donors, it’s a clear sign that you need to change your donor cultivation and stewardship strategy. The truth is, though, that lapsed donors also represent a significant opportunity for your non-profit. [...]

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[VIDEO] How To Tell Better Stories Through Your Donor Database

Our friends from the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference recently stopped by the Bloomerang offices as part of their Nonprofit Story Tour. Chris Davenport joined our own Steven Shattuck and Jay Love in the VW bus for a discussion on how you can use stories in conjunction with your donor management software [...]

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Stay Together – How to Encourage a Lifetime of Donor Loyalty

Every nonprofit wants donors to stay. To stick around. Collecting donations is not your only goal. It is a means to something much bigger. You want to make something significant happen for the underlying mission of your organization. Together, with your loyal donors, you know you can change your corner [...]

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3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Batch Screen Their Donor Database

You’ve spent a lot of time filling your donor database with constituents. They’ve pledged. They’ve made gifts. They’re making recurring gifts, volunteering, Tweeting about you non-stop. They’re the best advocates and supporters you could hope for. Ever wonder which ones are waiting for you to ask them for more? [...]

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