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Author of four books, Tom Ahern is considered one of the world’s top authorities on donor communications.

Online Giving Soars to Almost Nothing

“Are we there yet?” If online were a human, it would still be wearing diapers and running into things. Don’t expect a new medium to reveal its secrets quickly. Gutenberg introduced movable type in 1439, after all… and we’re still learning how to make a good printed page. […]

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Will Good Grammar Save Fundraising?

A subscriber sweetly wrote to ask: “Do you think the nonprofit world needs a grammar book all its own?” She wondered because she was discouraged. All across our massive and very verbal industry, she’d tripped over grammar crimes and misdemeanors. Were fundraisers a bit illiterate and in need of a [...]

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Are You Loverizing Your Donors?

“Donorcentric” always felt to me like a stand-in neologism anyway. Perfectly fine until, you know, something better came along. Being donor centered is the right idea, of course. Absolutely: treat your donors as people with feelings and values (rather than as numbers). Interact with them. Ask their opinions. Enjoy their [...]

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