A lapsed donor survey can consist simply of one question, with multiple choices for an answer.

Why did you stop giving? (Select all that apply)

  • I was not aware my donation had stopped
  • I can no longer afford to offer my support
  • There was a mistake at my bank
  • My personal priorities for giving have changed
  • I switched to support a different charity
  • I felt pressured into giving
  • [Org name] asked me for an amount I found inappropriate
  • I wasn’t thanked appropriately for my gift
  • The quality of service provided to me as a donor was poor
  • I didn’t enjoy [Orgname]’s communications
  • This is not a cause that greatly interests me
  • [Org name] did not tell me how my money was used
  • [Org name] wrote to me too often
  • Supporting [orgname] doesn’t fit with my sense of who I am
  • [Org name] doesn’t seem to need my support
  • Other: (write in an answer)

One word of caution: don’t let the survey recipient ever see the words “lapsed donor” – in other words, don’t address them as such. Words like “We miss you” or “Did we do something wrong?” can be good ways to preface the survey.