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Custom Database Conversion

With a SmartStart custom database conversion program from Bloomerang, changing databases doesn’t have to be a scary process!

We're ready to help you succeed.

The goal of Bloomerang's SmartStart program is to make the process as painless as possible, while at the same time taking great care with your data in order to set you up for success in using Bloomerang.

Not only has our expert team of dedicated Conversion Project Managers and Conversion Programmers seen just about every data situation you can imagine, but many have themselves worked as fundraisers and database admins for nonprofits. They know the pain of having bad data. That's why we won't just spend an hour cramming your data in and wish you good luck. We're here to help you succeed.

Why choose a SmartStart program?

Bloomerang’s SmartStart custom conversions are where we make the magic happen. We start with whatever you have to give us and work with you to make sense of it all, to clean it up, and to get it into Bloomerang in a way that supports your fundraising goals.

Not to mention the incredible data consultation you get through the personal support of your Project Manager. That’s right. You’ll have a name, an email address, a phone number to call whenever you have a question throughout the entire process.

  • Dedicated project manager. A champion to make the most of the SmartStart program.

  • Data clean-up. A deep-dive of your entire database and analysis of data structure, consistency, and potential areas for clean up.

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    Training and consultation. Receive best practices for Bloomerang data management utilization and get access to free Bloomerang Academy webinars.

SmartStart package options

Our proven onboarding approach is designed to get you operational quickly without a lengthy implementation timeframe or large investment. SmartStart Plus provides best practices for configuration approaches and alternatives, and familiarizes your team with the Bloomerang platform—maximizing knowledge transfer and accelerating your success in the process. There are three ways to get your data into Bloomerang: Basic, Standard and Advanced.


Service Work Done
by Bloomerang
Work Done by You Scope
BASIC A little. A fair amount.

Includes conversion of constituent data, donations, notes and spouse householding from one data source in Bloomerang-provided templates.

Up to 4 weeks.
STANDARD A fair amount. A fair amount.

Includes constituents, donations, interactions, pledges, pledge payments, tributes, relationships, notes, and spouse householding from one data source in Bloomerang-provided templates. *Export assistance is available as an add-on.

Up to 12 weeks.
ADVANCED We do almost everything. A little.

Advanced is geared for organizations with more sophisticated data requirements. Scope includes constituents, donations, interactions, pledges, pledge payments, tributes, relationships, notes, and spouse householding from multiple data sources.

Up to 18 weeks.


Over the years we’ve learned what type of initial data entry works best to ensure long-term success for Bloomerang users depending on their unique needs.

That’s why we offer and recommend the custom conversion. It’s more individualized, and our expertise lends itself to a smooth transition of your data onto the Bloomerang platform.

“The experience wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I assumed it would take much longer than it did. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the conversion process.”

– Thomas Benoist, The Cabaret

Success is a shared responsibility.

The Bloomerang Professional Services Team partners with you throughout your deployment to ensure success.

Bloomerang Team Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager: Manages the project deployment. They’re your primary point of contact during the conversion and they ensure client visibility and project progress.

Implementation Engineer: Responsible for the initial data load of donor information.

Data Migration Specialist: Responsible for data preparation and mapping

Customer Success Manager: Manages the customer relationship to ensure success and overall satisfaction.

Bloomerang Support: Provides customer support for Bloomerang administrators after launch.

Customer Roles and Responsibilities

Bloomerang Administrator: manages the administration of the Bloomerang platform and is the primary point of contact.

Technical Resource: Is the contact for source data management and provides data validation and approval of the data conversion.

“I was actually expecting pain and agony for this conversion – I’ve done a number of migrations to other platforms and I truly expected it to be much worse than it was! Our Project Manager made it the easiest possible migration ever.”

– Lily Meyer, American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro

“Can’t think of anything that would’ve made this process better. We are very happy with our conversion to Bloomerang.”

– Johannah Ruddy, Albuquerque Rescue Mission

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