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Bloomerang expertise and nonprofit experience

Working with a Bloomerang Consultant not only gives you database best practices, but also a deeper knowledge and understanding in the nonprofit and fundraising industry.

Every Consultant has completed the Fundraising Standard and most have prior nonprofit experience. They strive to make sure that you are utilizing your database to the fullest.

We meet you where you are as an organization. Together we’ll collaborate to implement workflows that will continue to work for you and your team in the long run.

Consulting Services

Make the most of your donor database

Database Consulting provides you with programs to help hold yourself accountable as an organization as well as sessions to assist with specific needs within your database.

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Quarterly assessment program

A holistic approach that helps your organization use your database for its primary intentions of donor retention and fundraising best practices. Quarterly sessions evaluate your current efforts and provide practical solutions to support your fundraising goals and propel your organization forward to better fundraising! You receive a workbook that contains your goals and metrics as well as over 30 pre-built reports for keeping track of the metrics in your database.

Database audit

An annual database audit is a recommended best practice to ensure optimal success in constructive donor interactions, streamlined reporting, meaningful record keeping and avoiding embarrassing situations. We assess which elements in your database are being utilized, how they’re being used, provide you with helpful recommendations for database maintenance, and create a few reports that help you understand your data. Additionally, based on the findings, we make recommendations for any needed cleanup. This service also includes a $200 credit toward a Custom Data Service.

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Customized database consulting

Do you have a goal for your database and you’re not quite sure how to get there? Do you want a better understanding of how you can make Bloomerang solve this for you? Our database consultants can work with you to brainstorm ways to solve an intricate problem and create a customized plan for your team. We also provide specific recommendations for the overall goal, example workflows, and set-up assistance.

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Conversions add-on services

If you have a Basic Conversion Service, but would like more assistance in preparing your data for the Basic Conversion File or need more help exporting data out of your current database, then the conversion add-on service is the best next step. A conversion team member works with you to review data and helps you add it to the conversion file or export it out of your previous database before you start the conversion process.

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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