The Best Fundraising Tools on One Platform

fundraising toolsCreate a seamless online fundraising experience for your donors and build relationships that last

Raise more money online with your Bloomerang database fundraising tools.

Key highlights include: 

  • Dynamic Donation Button – Every page of your website can be a donate page! Create a frictionless giving experience with a responsive donation option right on your website.
  • Online Giving Pages – Create a custom landing page where your supporters can make donations to your cause.
  • Peer-to-Peer Giving – Turn your supporters into fundraisers with the peer-to-peer giving tool.  
  • Event Management – Create event landing pages, sell tickets, and gather donations for special events. 
  • Donor Portal – Provide your donors with a way to access their own information and update it as needed.

Benefits of Bloomerang Online Fundraising Tools

  • Access the fundraising tools straight from your Bloomerang database without having to sign in multiple times. 
  • Utilize the Bloomerang support team for any questions about the online fundraising suite of tools. 
  • Reduce administrative work by only managing one contract for all of your fundraising and donor management tools. 
  • Consolidate your payout and fee reporting with all of the information living in your Bloomerang database.
  • Manage all of your constituent data in one centralized database.

Create a frictionless giving experience with a dynamic donation button

fundraising tools

You can embed a dynamic donation button on your website to maximize giving. This will make it easier for your supporters to give without them ever having to leave your site. In just a few seconds, donors can make their gift and get back to where they were on your website.

Brand your donation button for an even smoother giving experience for your donors and customize it for your fundraising needs. Set the colors of the donation button, customize your suggested gift amounts, and add options to cover transaction fees or make a recurring gift.

The information from the form will flow into your Bloomerang database where you will be able to utilize tools such as our First-Time Donor Call and Donor Surveys to turn those donors into lifelong supporters.

Inspire your donors with beautiful donation pages

Create a beautiful, custom donation page to add some personality and context to the donor experience. Display an image across the background of your page or add some text to communicate the impact that a donation can make. 

You can also provide your donors with options to increase their impact. On your form, you can allow donors to make their gift a recurring donation with various giving interval options, as well as give donors the opportunity to cover the processing fees for their gift. 

The information from the form will flow into your Bloomerang database so that you can continue building out relationships with your community.

Turn your supporters into fundraisers with peer-to-peer fundraising

Invite members of your community, from current donors to board members, to be team leaders who will raise money on your behalf. Your team leaders can show their support for your cause through photo, video, and writing. They can set team goals and highlight recent donations on a page that each fundraiser can customize themselves. 

Supporters can share a team page simply by posting the fundraising page’s link on Facebook, Twitter, and their other social media platforms. This will get your cause in front of new donors quickly and easily, and it will ensure that you will receive each donor’s information so that you can contact and thank anyone who donates through one of your peer-to-peer pages. 

Donor information from your peer-to-peer campaigns will then populate in your Bloomerang database. From there, you can spend time getting to know those supporters and maybe someday inspire them to launch a peer-to-peer campaign themselves!

Meet new constituents and cultivate deeper relationships with events

Easily create event landing pages, sell tickets, and gather donations for an event with the event registration tools. We know every event is unique, so we created a highly customizable tool you can use to create an event landing page that matches the specific needs of your special event. 

Make ticket-buying a smooth and enjoyable process for your constituents by customizing the ticket types for your event. Whether you need a free ticket option or single and group tickets, you can create the types of ticketing options that you want to provide to your registrants. You can also encourage attendees to start supporting your mission right away by adding a one-time or monthly donation to their ticket order. 

Information from your event forms will pull into Bloomerang where you can then work to deepen those relationships and cultivate lifelong supporters along the way.

Allow donors to see all the ways they’ve supported your nonprofit

Bloomerang Online Fundraising

The donor portal provides a way for donors to see their online giving history to your organization from one-time donations to recurring gifts and event registrations, ultimately reminding themselves of their investment towards your cause. The donor portal can also reduce your administrative load. Through the portal, donors can go in and update their information on their own, meaning your team doesn’t have to!


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