Bloomerang: An Ideal Donor Database for Capital Campaigns

We didn’t create Bloomerang to be just a passive database of names, addresses and phone numbers.

We built Bloomerang to be a tool that not only helps you retain your donors, but helps you unlock the revenue potential of your campaigns.

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or a novice looking to run their first big campaign, Bloomerang is the ideal donor database for planning and executing capital campaigns!

Read on to see why.

Screen Your Database During the Planning Phase

Bloomerang’s Constituent Giving Summary includes our proprietary Engagement Level™, which score prior interactions with your organization, and our Generosity Score™, which is based on publicly available philanthropic screening data from our partner DonorSearch.

Both are measured in “cold,” “warm,” “hot,” and “on fire!” allowing you to easily see who might be a major gift prospect. With Bloomerang, you can stop reaching out to rich strangers and start identifying your existing loyal supporters!

With a subscription to DonorSearch ProspectView, you can click through to see the public wealth information and philanthropic track record of your constituents. An optional batch screening allows you to uncover the secret giving power of your current constituents without the need to research them all individually.

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