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Why I Donated: Why I Make Small Donations To My Friends’ Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Campaigns

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This is a new series from Bloomerang called Why I Donated. In each post, one donor will share what inspired them to make their donation and why they donated to that specific cause. Our hope is that this series will provide you with an even better understanding of the people who can help you move your mission forward. In this post, we talk to C about why she contributes to her friends’ peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns for To Write Love on Her Arms.

The Donor: C

The Donation: C gives small amounts to various peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns throughout the year. 

The Cause: Healthcare (mental health) | See how we help healthcare organizations move their missions forward.

The Nonprofit: To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA)

What inspired you to make a donation to TWLOHA?

I actually used to work for TWLOHA so I’m familiar with the mission, their campaigns, and how they use their donations to help those struggling with mental health issues. Because I know and trust the organization and the people who run it, it’s an easy choice when it comes to whether or not I should support their fundraising campaigns. 

How did you decide on the amount you donated? Was it a recurring or one-time donation?

Each year, the organization hosts several fundraising campaigns (the Run For It 5k, for example), and they ask their supporters to participate by creating peer-to-peer fundraising pages. The employees do this as well. Instead of making one donation to the organization at random throughout the year, I love to support my former coworkers in this small way, and I know they like seeing the notification that someone they know contributed to their campaign. Giving $3 or $5 to one person doesn’t seem like a lot, but I usually end up donating more when I break donations up into smaller amounts. 

When you make a donation, what do you expect to happen next? Why?

It’s really important for me to know that the nonprofit received my money. Pretty simple. I just want to know it’s ultimately going to end up in the right place and be used to carry out the mission I want to support. If I don’t receive an email within a few minutes of making a donation, I start to get worried that something went wrong. I don’t need anything fancy in that email—just confirmation that the donation was processed successfully. 

Do you intend to donate to the nonprofit again in the future?

Yes! I worked there for years and am still in touch with my current friends/former coworkers. When I worked there, I got to meet the people who were impacted by TWLOHA’s mission. That stays with you. For example, I still think about people I met when I worked the booth at different festivals. That’s why I anticipate donating to TWLOHA and promoting the cause for years to come.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

One thing that TWLOHA does really, really well is sell merchandise that their supporters actually want to wear. It’s part of their origin story, so that’s obviously part of the reason why it resonates so much with supporters, but it’s also something they take a lot of care to do. They put their messages of hope and help on shirts so their supporters can wear a reminder that they’re not alone. And, better yet, people who haven’t heard of TWLOHA see those shirts and learn about the cause, which means TWLOHA has people constantly working on their behalf and creating a bigger impact. 

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