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The Bloomerang Best: Top 9 Podcast Episodes to Fuel Your Fundraising

Top 9 Podcast Episodes to Fuel Your Fundraising
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Welcome to the Bloomerang Best, your go-to playlist featuring the top 9 must-listen podcasts handpicked for you.

Each episode is packed with insights, strategies, and real-life experiences designed to help you flourish in your fundraising endeavors. Dive in as our experts share their top tips and secrets that have consistently won the day in the nonprofit world. Hit play and let’s embark on a journey of growth, learning, and success together—because when you bloom, we all grow!

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1. How to Audit Your Strategic Plan to Prepare for Annual Planning

Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast

Your strategic plan is your guiding star, helping you determine where to channel your energy, time, and resources. Use this time of the year to audit your long-term plan to ensure it’s a powerful tool for your annual planning. In this episode, learn about strategic areas to focus on for better results and use the SMART framework to make sure your goals guide your planning. Listen to this episode.

2. Building a Robust Fundraising Engine: Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders

The Intentional Fundraiser

Learn how to build a robust fundraising engine that aligns your organization’s strategic vision with its fundraising efforts. Build relationships, focus on cultivation, and practice time-blocking to navigate challenges with confidence and purpose. Listen to this episode.

3. How This Nonprofit Retains 46% of Their Donors with Amy Gibson

Nonprofit Nation

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie, increased their donor retention rate from 26% to 46%. In this podcast, Amy Gibson, the Director of Resource Development shares the secrets for how she did it, including how she shows appreciation to her donors, and uses software to streamline processes and address challenges along the way. Listen to this episode.

4. Unlocking Donor Engagement: Designing Tiny Habits That Increase Fundraising Success With Juni Felix

What the Fundraising

Struggling to establish strong relationships or sustain donor support? Behavior design strategies can help. Juni Felix, a member of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab teaching team and an expert in behavior change shares how to create effective systems using the science of behavior design to elevate your donor engagement game. Listen to this episode.

5. It‘s Time to Decide. How to Reimagine Nonprofit Impact with Seth Godin

We are for good Podcast

Learn how to rebuild the way you work, find authentic believers for your mission, and know when it’s time to fire your donors with Seth Godin. Listen to this episode.

6. DEI, Black Philanthropy, and Building Bridges

Fundraising Hayday

Understanding culture and recognizing prejudices is crucial to not only being a better human—but also being a better fundraiser. This episode covers conflict, different perspectives, and learned experiences with Kia Jarmon. Listen to this episode.

7. Choosing Vendors That Align with Your Organization’s Mission and Goals

The nonprofit coffee talk podcast

Your organization’s mission is a driving force that motivates everyone in it. It’s only logical to work with vendors that align with your mission. In this episode of The Nonprofit Coffee Talk, host Libby V. and guest Jessi Burg dive into what it takes to do this effectively, providing valuable guidance for those seeking to create positive change through their own ventures. Listen to this episode.

8. 4 Steps Executive Directors of Nonprofits Can Lead with Confidence

Grant Writing & Funding Podcast

Dr. Patton McDowell, a nonprofit consultant and leadership expert, helps executive directors learn how to enhance their leadership skills, build relationships, and expand their communities. This episode covers topics like networking, board engagement, and staying strategic to consistently grow and succeed. Listen to this episode.

9. Joy in Storytelling with Tara Dorabji

Nonprofit Lowdown

Learn how value-aligned storytelling unifies and empowers communities in a conversation with Tara Dorabji, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for The Center for Cultural Power. Discover the importance of selecting diverse stories and storytellers to drive systemic cultural change, and learn how to measure the impact of messaging. Listen to this episode.

Cut through the noise with this playlist of the must-listen episodes to supercharge your fundraising efforts.

Remember that each conversation is a stepping stone to greater success. We hope these hand-selected insights have not only inspired you but also equipped you with actionable strategies to elevate your campaigns. Stay connected, stay inspired, and keep blooming with Bloomerang. Until next time, keep making a difference and watch your impact grow!

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