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Elevate Your Free Clinic’s Impact By Recruiting More Individual Donors

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Large grants are the fundraising backbone for many free health clinics. Wondering how you can attract more individual donors on your side? Here are six easy-to-implement strategies to get you started!

Identify the philanthropic individuals in your community who care about your mission

A quick and easy way to identify who cares about your healthcare mission is to see who’s funding other wellness initiatives in your area or who prioritizes helping socioeconomically and geographically underserved populations.

You may have gems hiding in plain sight—donors with high capacity who are currently only giving small amounts to your nonprofit. Use Bloomerang to identify your most generous donors and get a sense of their overall giving, including major gifts they might make to other causes close to their hearts.

Tell compelling patient stories

Share stories of patients whose lives were saved or transformed by your free health clinic and spotlight the impact of individual giving in making those happy endings possible.

Always be prospecting

Support for your free health clinic could come from individuals or organizations like hospitals, medical associations, secular community organizations, faith-based entities, foundations established by a hospital sale or corporations, including pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and more.

Do community outreach

Participate in local events, health fairs, and community meetings to raise awareness about your clinic and its impact.

Seek out community partners

Partner with local businesses, schools, and community organizations to increase visibility and reach potential donors. Consider how having a corporate sponsor for a free health screening might benefit both the sponsor and your community.

Feed the press 

Seek media coverage by sharing compelling stories and updates about your clinic’s work and impact on the community.

Take it one day at a time

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to build relationships.

By identifying philanthropic folks in your community, uncovering high-generosity donors, sharing compelling patient stories, and actively participating in local events and partnerships, you can cultivate a strong network of individual donors.

Implementing these strategies will not only diversify your funding but also strengthen your community ties, ensuring your clinic continues to thrive and serve those who need it most.

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