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Bloomerang and Kindful: Better Together

Today, I’m excited to announce that Bloomerang has taken a significant step in our goal of providing best-in-class nonprofit technology based on fundraising knowledge to even more organizations with the acquisition of Kindful.

Since the founding of Bloomerang, we’ve sought to bring solutions to fundraisers that help them spend more time focusing on their mission. Unfortunately, too many nonprofits still don’t get to spend enough time on their missions. We’re about to change that.

By combining Kindful’s strong integrations and online giving tools with Bloomerang’s focus on identifying, cultivating, and retaining key donors, we can provide a suite of tools to nonprofits that is unmatched for small and medium sized organizations. We’re excited and committed to bringing the best of Kindful and the best of Bloomerang forward. Beyond the technology, this is a powerful combination of people all committed to best serving nonprofits and amplifying their work.

I’m thrilled about this opportunity to bring two leading companies together that have been founded with like-minded ideals of deeply caring for and helping nonprofits. We have a clear, shared vision to accelerate the pace at which we can bring our ideas and tools to customers and the market. I can’t wait for you to see what we can do!

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  • Kristen Hay

    Hi Vera - Kindful's fundraising tools can be added to a Bloomerang database ( You can see pricing for Bloomerang here:
  • Vera Jones

    Can you send me a video of how Kindful works and the package prices?
  • Mazarine Treyz

    awesome! This will make you a stronger platform!
  • Kevin Sweet

    Congratulations Ross! Cant wait to see the impact of this combination.
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