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3 Keys To A Successful Giving Tuesday Email Campaign

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Are you ready for Giving Tuesday this year? The global generosity movement is an opportunity to encourage additional giving from your supporters, so it is vital to have a communication plan in place. In 2020, Bloomerang customers raised over $23.9 million on Giving Tuesday. Here are the top three keys to any successful Giving Tuesday email campaign.

Giving Tuesday email campaign1. Build Excitement

Let your audience know that you’ll be participating this Giving Tuesday! Start sending emails early on leading up to Giving Tuesday to get your supporters excited about the opportunities it brings. Send a personalized “Save the Date” email to generate momentum and inform recipients of your campaign goals.

You will also want to include board members and volunteers in your Giving Tuesday strategy, reminding them of your mission and why you need their support. Give these people plenty of time to prepare for their roles and think about how they can best serve your cause.

GivingTuesday email campaign2. Don’t be afraid to ask

Send at least three emails throughout the day (morning, midday, and evening) asking for gifts. Use a catchy subject line to grab the recipient’s attention, and add buttons that link to your donation page in the body of the email. If your organization does not have a way to process donations online, set up Bloomerang Payments in less than five minutes to begin receiving credit card and EFT donations. Before sending the next round of emails, make sure to segment recipients that already made a gift to ensure they are not included in additional asks.

You may also consider creating a recurring-only giving page to promote your monthly giving program. Monthly donors are exponentially valuable to nonprofits. Not only do recurring donors give more over the course of a year, but they also stick with you longer. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, 90% of monthly givers renew.

3. Thank your supporters

You want to thank your donors as soon as possible. Follow up with your supporters and let them know how much your organization raised and what impact that will have on your mission. Segmentation is key! Make first-time donors feel welcome with a personalized thank-you email. Send a follow-up email to your recurring donors to affirm their commitment to your organization. Finally, celebrate your Giving Tuesday success with all of your followers through social media posts, newsletters, or blog posts.

We understand Giving Tuesday and the days leading up to it can be busy. To help our users get started, we’ve created five ready-to-be personalized Giving Tuesday Email Templates to kickstart your Giving Tuesday communications.  Access the templates from your database to prep and schedule these templates ahead of time!


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