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Bloomerang is the ideal eTapestry alternative.

Bloomerang’s cloud-based donor management software has all the benefits you’ve come to expect from eTapestry: unlimited users, an integrated email tool, mobile access, and real-time support. However, when you consider ease of use, pricing, and training, Bloomerang is an ideal eTapestry alternative.

Bloomerang vs. eTapestry Comparison

Bloomerang vs. eTapestry

What is the price comparison of eTapestry vs. Bloomerang? Here’s the breakdown.

eTapestry’s “Starter” package is $175 per month for up to 1,000 records with unlimited users—but only three DIY online forms are included.

The equivalent Bloomerang Grow plan for 0–1,000 records is more affordable—$96 less per month than eTapestry—and includes unlimited online giving pages and forms.

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0-1,000 records

Modern, friendly user interface

All features come standard

Dedicated mobile app

Built-in email analytics come standard

Unlimited online giving forms/pages

60,000 emails per year

No errors when used by concurrent users

Filter-based reporting

Weekly improvements via a continuous release cycle

Great integrations with DonorSearch, TrueGivers, QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, Qgiv, Givebutter, Zapier, and many others

Unlimited concurrent users

No extra payment fees

All pricing up front and included in original proposal

Product is updated weekly

All standard reports can be customized and saved

New trainings included with subscription and released every month

Daily audits to ensure all support tickets are resolved and phone support voicemails answered same day

Twitter integration pulls in tweets through the Social Listening tool

$79 /month


0-1,000 records

Outdated, complicated user interface

Additional fees for advanced functionality

Difficult to use on mobile

Additional fees for email analytics

10 online giving forms/pages

10,000 emails per year

$49 per month for training

Errors when used by concurrent users

Query-based reporting

Minimal product roadmap

Lack of true integrations

Errors when used by concurrent users

Payment-enabled fee of $50/month from Blackbaud

Nickel and dime charges without warning

Outdated interface and no updates for years

Standard reporting is not customizable

Knowledgebase and training videos not included in subscription

Unresolved support tickets and poor and slow follow up with phone support tickets | Support has been deprioritized by Blackbaud

Social media tool doesn’t record activity—only notes when someone is on a social platform

$179 /month

Bloomerang vs. eTapestry comparison

See the difference for yourself.

Bloomerang's Donor Dashboard allows you to quickly observe important metrics with your nonprofit's status


When comparing Bloomerang vs eTapestry, the eTapestry dashboard is cluttered and challenging to read.


Learn why this fundraiser calls Bloomerang an outstanding solution.

Our customers use Bloomerang to manage their entire supporter ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees, and more. You’ll also be able to view real-time retention and engagement metrics. And if you have any questions about using Bloomerang, you can chat or call our local support team at no cost.

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Switching to Bloomerang changed the way these fundraisers work (for the better, of course).

“As a long-time eTapestry user, we were incredibly frustrated by the reporting functionality of this CRM. Candidly, getting reports out of eTapestry was like trying to nail jello to a tree. Additionally, the customer service availability was frustrating and expensive, and I felt like we were constantly being “Nickled and dimed” by Blackbaud for the use of the software, processing donations through their platform, etc. I would tell them that I don’t know why we waited so long to make the switch. I was worried about the time needed for migration, data integrity, etc. The transition was SO easy and seamless. Looking back, I feel like we wasted a lot of money staying with eTapestry/Blackbaud. I would highly recommend making the move to Bloomerang.”

Theresa Brun

“First, eTap was designed so someone in IT could operate; Bloomerang is set up so a fundraiser can operate the system. Next, to be honest, I was never a fan of eTap – it is an antiquated system that required much too much workarounds with each workaround costing literally thousands [of dollars]. The customer service was spotty at best, and it is my understanding Blackbaud was phasing out eTap (not sure if this is true) trying to get their customers to move up into an original Blackbaud product. Overall, eTap is way past its usefulness as a database and too difficult to pull information out and enter information in.”

Roger Sheffield

“One of the big things about moving from Etap to Bloomerang was the ease of running reports and having them saved and updated on their own. While it was possible to save reports in Etap, they were so difficult to run that when someone asked for a specific report, it would take up to 2 hours just to run it. It wasn’t user friendly – rather, it was expert friendly. We have come to appreciate how easy it is to not only edit a profile in Bloomerang but to use the reports, add items easily to someone's profile, and keep track. I use the website daily, whereas at Etap, I was on it a couple times a week. I think it says something about Bloomerang as the database is SO EASY to use, plus the customer support team is incredible and very friendly. I haven’t really run into any issues with support in terms of helping me find something or understand something that doesn’t make sense. Being able to talk to someone or chat with them instantly has been extremely valuable especially in the summer when camp is in session and we are less on time.”

Kevin Friduss

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Bloomerang support

Learn more about our world-class support.

The more comfortable you are using your software, the more successful you’ll be  That’s why our support team is here when you need them.  And the best part is that you can contact them via chat and phone for free. 

A few years ago, one of our wonderful customers described our Customer Support Team as “both helpful and human,” and our team has taken that motto to heart. Whether you have a question about using Bloomerang or want to know how you can save more time accomplishing tasks that move your mission forward, our local support team will work with you until all of your questions are answered.

See what other fundraisers like you have to say about our world-class support.

  • “The best part, though, is the support team. They are quick to respond and provide setup advice that is tailored to the client. I’ve never had an unanswered question.” Alicia H.

  • “Even better, their support is second to none. Any question is addressed thoughtfully and quickly. And, every single person I have interacted with has been friendly.” Michelle G.

  • “Bloomerang’s support features are unmatched among peer service providers. I advise all of my clients to use the chat support feature; the support representatives are prompt and knowledgeable.” Adam L.

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