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Wrong address, no zip or an accidental misspelling. Was your direct mail a fail? We can help!

National statistics suggest 17% of adult Americans move every year. If you’re not running an NCOA prior to your bulk mailings, you’re missing out on potential dollars--not to mention the wasted postage.




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Be Smarter About Your Mail

There’s a Better Way to Run Your NCOA


NCOA processing might be the answer to all of those postcards and other mailers that return to you as undeliverable. Running your NCOA through Bloomerang qualifies your organization for bulk mailing rates through your mail house AND automatically updates all of the addresses in your database!

If an address is bad, we flag it for you and let you decide what to do with it. We’ll even build you a report template to quickly find them in your database.


An NCOA with Bloomerang also allows for the visual identification of duplicates and possible households, helping you keep your record count down--saving you money--and your database neat and tidy.


NCOA costs depend on the size of your database, but standard pricing is $425 for any database up to 50k records. This pricing is for Grow and Grow+ customers only. Standard users get nightly NCOA updates at no additional cost.

Because it’s such a valuable and inexpensive addition, we include an Address Enhancement and Apartment Append to fill in potential address gaps. For a database with 5K records this additional service would be $15, for 50K records it would be $150.

If you know you already want to purchase more than a single NCOA, let us know by emailing and we’ll discuss your options! 

What’s the Price Tag?

Benefits to running an NCOA with Bloomerang

Find new addresses for donors who have moved within the last 48 months


Correct misspellings of street names and cities in your database


Enable the visual identification of duplicates and potential household records in your database (helping you manage the size of your database to keep costs down!)


Identify addresses that are bad or invalid along with the reason

Add pre- and post-directionals (N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE, SW) if they are missing or incorrect


Update the ZIP Code if there's a change and/or add the +4 to the ZIP Code


Standardize the addresses in USPS preferred format


Claim preferred mailing rates - USPS requires your mailing list be run through an NCOA service within 90 days of a mailing in order to claim bulk mail rates - documentation that proves compliance is included with the NCOA service

DonorSearch - Wealth prospecting tool that truly helps you take the guess out of the ask and find new prospects


Phone Appends - The phone append services use a constituent's name and mailing address to search millions of records to locate their current cell, home, and business phone match


Email Appends - The email append services use a constituent's name and mailing address to search millions of records to locate their current email address match


Demographic Appends - The demographic append services use a constituent's name and mailing address to search millions of records and find matches on what you're searching for


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