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Naperville Education Foundation

Overall, Bloomerang customers that sent fundraising appeals raised $1.35MM more during the COVID-19 crisis than they did during the same time period last year! We wanted to highlight some of those success stories here.

Naperville Education Foundation | Event Cancellation + 2-Touch Email Campaign

In this video, Steven from Bloomerang sits down (virtually) with Amy and Wendy from the Naperville Education Foundation to talk about a special COVID-19 fundraising appeal campaign that resulted in over $100k donated, despite an in-person event cancelation.

Campaign At-A-Glance

With schools closing, NEF canceled an in-person fundraising event outright and quickly shifted gears to create an all-new crisis fund. Two dedicated email appeals were sent, resulting in thousands of dollars raised, including many from brand new donors.

Email #1 – Event Cancelation

NEF succinctly communicated the cancelation of their event, but not the fundraising goal, and included an appeal that was contextualized for the current crisis.

29% open rate, 1.7% click-through-rate

Subject: The time to help is NOW

Email #2 – Crisis Appeal

Later, NEF announced the creation of a special fund for at-risk, food-insecure and homeless students.

31% open rate, 2.4% click-through-rate

Subject: How to Help: Kid Booster Crisis Fund

Email #3 – What You Would Have Seen At The Event

Since NEF had invested in the creation of content for the event, they sent that content out by email on the day that the event was supposed to take place. This email features several stories of impact from the foundation.

45% open rate, 4.6% click-through-rate

Subject: Why there’s no place like 203

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