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B.E.A.M. (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry)

Overall, Bloomerang customers that sent fundraising appeals raised $1.35MM more during the COVID-19 crisis than they did during the same time period last year! We wanted to highlight some of those success stories here.

In this video, Steven from Bloomerang sits down (virtually) with Gracie from B.E.A.M. (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry) to talk about how they have raised over $80k through persistent fundraising and stewardship.

Campaign At-A-Glance

BEAM, no stranger to emergencies (it’s in their name), jumped into action as soon as the crisis began. Gracie didn’t hesitate to include a soft ask in every update email, and shared impact stories frequently.

The #1 reason people don’t give is because they’re not asked. If you make that decision for them, you’re not going to raise any money.

1st Crisis Email

34% open rate, 4% click-through-rate

Subject: Emergency funds needed; COVID-19 intensifies

Image of the email appeal

Crisis Update Email

With all of the in-person interactions BEAM has with service recipients, explaining social distancing measures was critical. Gracie made sure to always include a soft ask in each update email.

48% open rate, 5.8% click-through-rate

Subject: COVID-19 – How You Can Help

Impact Update Email

Deeper into the crisis, Gracie did not shy away from telling specific impact stories of what their services team was able to accomplish through donor support. BEAM boasted an unprecedented increase in first-time donors.

42% open rate, 5.7% click-through-rate

Subject: BEAM Reacts as COVID-19 Needs Increase

Updated Thank You Letter Template

Gracie updated their standard thank you letter template to acknowledge crisis support specifically: