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New Ulm Area Catholic Schools

New Ulm Area Catholic Schools (NUACS) in New Ulm, MN consists of St. Anthony Elementary, with grades PreK-6, Cathedral High School, with grades 7-12, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Church and the Holy Trinity Convent. They currently serve approximately 500 students on campus.


NUACS did not have a donor database and needed a way to efficiently track their alumni and donors. They were previously using Excel and a separate program to email their constituents.


When Bloomerang was implemented NUACS saw an immediate impact.

“We use Bloomerang as our alumni database. We originate all of our mass mailings, labels, thank you notes, and receipts in Bloomerang. We also use it to track all of our donations from alumni and friends. In addition, we generate email blasts out of Bloomerang as well as reports for our Board of Directors,” said Sara Rieland, Director of Development and Alumni Relations.


“We believe we are reaching more alumni through email blasts sent via Bloomerang. It is especially nice that you can see, by the donor, all correspondence sent to them.”

“We have greatly increased our productivity in that we can easily email blast any communication via Bloomerang. In addition, we can easily generate reporting to assist in our mailing (we can use filters to identify a certain mailing group, then send that Excel report to our print to directly print labels. This has saved us a lot of time!)”

“Bloomerang makes donation tracking very easy. It also makes all mailing functions fast and efficient. Their support is also top-notch! No waiting on hold for someone to help you, your questions are answered instantly!”