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Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah (HFHSWU) was established in May of 1998 and serves Washington County. To date, they have built 21 homes in Washington County and tithed their earnings for the construction of an additional 21 homes overseas.


Lil Barron, the Director of Development and Community Relations at HFHSWU, was tired of spreadsheets. “I had used a database before at a previous organization and was in the market to get one for us.”


Barron purchased Bloomerang, as well as an assisted import with Bloomerang’s Implementation team to help her wrangle all of HFHSWU’s spreadsheet data. “The cost and ease of use is what drew me to Bloomerang initially.” Now, they’re using Bloomerang to track all of their donors and volunteers.


“Keeping our donors and volunteers in one specific place, that more than one person can update and view, is huge! No more spreadsheets!”

Barron and her team were also able to cut the additional expense of an email program with Bloomerang’s built-in email marketing tools. “No more MailChimp or Constant Contact!”

Now, HFHSWU finally has an all-in-one solution. “Because it is so user-friendly, and the reports are so easy to use, I don’t have to think too much to use them. I see that it will make a difference by keeping track of my donors and making sure I don’t forget key information.”

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