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Frankie's Friends

How Frankie’s Friends Raised Thousands Of Dollars By Using Bloomerang

Edward DeBartolo, of the DeBartolo Foundation, had a dog named Frankie.

When Frankie was receiving cancer treatment, Edward and his wife Candy saw families who had pets that they loved just as much as they loved Frankie. Unlike the DeBartolos, however, those families were unable to pay for their pets’ life-saving or life-enhancing treatments.

Wanting to do what they could to help, the DeBartolo family made a very generous founding donation to get Frankie’s Friends off the ground. For over 20 years, Frankie’s Friends has worked to save pets in need and return them to their loving families.

Frankie Friends has been in business for 20 years

Help Save Pets in Need

Bloomerang + Frankie's Friends

Frankie's Friends Story

Charitable Pet Foundation

Easy And Powerful Enough For A Seasoned Newcomer

Lisa Bricker, M.A., the Development Director at Frankie’s Friends, inherited Bloomerang when she joined the organization. Not being the person who made the decision to purchase and implement Bloomerang, she had to quickly evaluate its capabilities and get the rest of her team up to speed.

“I started with Frankie’s Friends four years ago, and they had just recently gone through their transformation to Bloomerang,” she says. “I’ve used Raiser’s Edge. I’ve used Financial Edge. I’ve used DonorPerfect. I’ve used Network for Good. I’ve used every one that’s out there. And in terms of pure utility for a charity our size, Bloomerang is the best software I’ve ever used.”

Bloomerang was so intuitive and easy to use that Lisa, someone totally unfamiliar with the system, could get to work right away.

“What I really loved about Bloomerang was I could go in a donor base that I was 100% unfamiliar with and I could go into contacts and put different qualifiers in, where I could pull different segments of the donor base up and look at them, look at their history, and see what they had done, and put them in groups where I could get them in a regular cycle for correspondence or phone calls. And I loved it. I mean, I had never used it before. I thought I had used everything that was out there until I got to Frankie’s Friends. I think Bloomerang is one of the most user-friendly, intuitive systems I’ve ever been in.”

Bloomerang + Frankie’s Friends

In Lisa’s words, here’s a look at how they use our software to bring together multiple data sources, spend time on what matters the most, and build donor relationships in ways they never had before.

Save More Tiime

“We use Mailchimp with Bloomerang. We use QuickBooks for accounting, and it’s so easy for me, as a development person, to be able to go in and say, ‘Okay, pull up all the data in Bloomerang, put it in a CSV, and shoot it to our accounting person.'”

Raise More Funds

“We went from raising $600,000 the first year that I was there to raising over $1 million the second. And we’re well over $1 million now through emails, phone calls, and utilizing Bloomerang’s software.”

Do More Good

“We exceeded our revenue goals in 2020, and we exceeded our revenue goals solely by using our Bloomerang database and our software and the donors who were contained in that and staying on cycle, quarterly updates, all those kind of things, and lots of asks. But none of that would have happened without Bloomerang.”

Happy dog of Frankie friends
Bloomerang Software

Donor Management Software

"It's my favorite. I don't ever want to have to use any other software."

Lisa Bricker, M.A. Development Director, Frankie's Friends

Support When You Need It

Even though Bloomerang is easy enough to jump right in and start using, there are still times when some extra help is needed.

“And what separates you guys from the rest of the pack is I can reach out, on chat, when I’m working in Bloomerang. If I see something I’m like, ‘You know, what if we tried this?’ And your team will always, one, respond, but say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s not a bad idea. We’ll push that up.”


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