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How Bloomerang Helps Beat Nb Make the Most of Their Donor Relationships

Beat Nb is a parent-founded, parent-led organization focused on beating neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.

To understand what Beat Nb is fighting for, it’s first important to understand what they’re fighting against. Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in infants; nearly half of the children diagnosed are under two years old. It is an aggressive illness, and even with chemotherapy, the survival rate is less than 60%. More than half of children diagnosed with neuroblastoma will relapse. At that point, there is no curative treatment. The survival rate then falls into the single digits.

It seems impossible to comprehend, but it’s something that the parents of roughly 700 children in the United States have to grapple with each year. Kyle and Robyn Matthews were two of those parents. Their son, Ezra, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was 13 months old. Unfortunately, Ezra’s story ended as too many others do; he died the following year.

From that day forward, there was one question on their minds: How can we stop this from happening to other families? The answer was funding clinical research trials. The more we learn about neuroblastoma, the better chance we have of effectively fighting it.

And they are fighting it. Today, Kyle serves as Beat Nb’s Executive Director. The organization is making incredible strides in this fight as Beat Nb funds research at a consortium of 47 hospitals across North America. They’re now seeing 90% survival rates in the children in some of the research trials they’ve funded, as well as 30-40% survival rates in children who’ve relapsed.

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Together, we will beat childhood cancer.

Searching For a Software Solution That Puts Relationships First

Every one of Beat Nb’s 14,000 donors is making that reality possible. Because this is a personal fight, the organization needed to make sure that personal touch extended to their donor relationships. So they set out to find a donor management platform that would allow them to make the most of their relationships with their supporters.

Bloomerang + Beat Nb

Thankfully, they found Bloomerang was the perfect fit. Here’s a look at how they used our software to track their data, interact with their donors, and think about fundraising in ways they never had before.

Save More Time

The Beat Nb team loves how easily Bloomerang integrates with their different tools.

“I think one of the coolest things about Bloomerang for us is…it lets us spend a lot less time gathering data and more time building the actual relationships with the donor,” says Kyle. “I can see a transaction come through in Stripe, it pops up in Bloomerang, and I look and see, ‘OK, that’s so and so’s wife and they’ve been giving to us for three years and I know that they’re connected because their brother has a son with the same type of cancer that we focus on.’

Raise More Funds

According to Kyle, having that information so easily accessible is crucial when it comes to making those important financial asks.

“I can write that person an email back or give him a phone call and know exactly who they are even though maybe they haven’t talked to us in 18 months.”

Do More Good

This doesn’t just save the Beat Nb team time. It also saves them money. They don’t have the budget to keep several data analysts on staff, and thanks to Bloomerang, that’s not even necessary: All the data is already organized in one place. This frees them up to spend less time and money on the administrative side of things and direct more of their energy where it belongs: fighting to end neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.

Bloomerang Cares

Streamlining Donor Data Collection

"Bloomerang lets us spend a lot less time gathering data and more time building the actual relationships with the donor."

Kyle Matthews Executive Director, Beat Nb

Finding New Confidence During Their End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

That’s not all: Kyle says one new thing the team is excited about is Bloomerang’s Wealth Insights feature.

During their most recent end-of-year campaign, they were able to use the Wealth Insights feature to target their message and how they interacted with each donor in a completely different way.

“I was able to see, using that tool, that we had a couple hundred people that had a really high likelihood of giving…We didn’t even really know that that was a thing,” says Kyle. “So Wealth Insights really gave us the ability to target who we’re speaking to among our existing donors and do that with confidence as we’re going forward.”

Changing the Story for the Next Family

The future they’re working toward is a better one. It’s a different one, the one he’s been dreaming of since Ezra lost his battle with neuroblastoma.

“I came into this because I lost my son to cancer and we have so many relationships now with families who do not have that same story. You know, these are kids that were treated at the same hospital as my son, often by the same doctors, and they have a different story because of the work that Beat Nb is doing,” says Kyle.

He’s happy to talk about the integrations he loves, the time he’s saved, and the quality of relationships he has with his donors, but in his mind everything can be distilled down to one thing.

“So we’re talking a lot about the mechanics of running a nonprofit,” he says, “but for me, Beat Nb, above all, is about hope.”

To learn more about Beat Nb, head to their website.


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