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Rest API

The REST API is a private key API. It is for server-to-server integrations. These integrations push and pull final data from the Bloomerang database. The private key allows anyone to change any information they want, so you must keep this key secret. Online transaction forms would expose the private key, so you cannot use the REST API with them. To submit donation information with the REST API, you must process the donations and collect any funds yourself. Then you submit the finished data to Bloomerang from your server.

When implementing your own integration or making a one-off call to the REST API, using a private key is appropriate. Private keys can be generated in a Bloomerang database as an Administrator User, in User Settings. Login to an Administrator User account, click the User icon in the upper right hand corner, and then Edit My User. You can generate new API keys or deactivate existing API keys on this page. See the Bloomerang knowledge base for more details if needed.

If you are allowing a third party access to your data via the REST API, or you are otherwise in a position where you might need to share your private key with somebody else, OAuth registration is a more secure solution. See steps for OAuth registration of your application here.

Working with Split Payments
Transactions represent the total amount of a payment that is saved in the database. A transaction is always saved as at least one designation, and can optionally be split into multiple designations. A designation can be a donation, pledge, pledge payment, recurring donation schedule, or recurring donation payment. Note that if a transaction is a pledge or recurring donation schedule it can only have one designation. Depending on your desired outcome, you may use any of the transaction endpoints when working with split payments. For more information about how split payments work in a Bloomerang database, see Create or Edit Split Payments.

Looking for REST API v1? It is still available here. If you are creating a new connection with Bloomerang, it is recommended that you use the current REST API on this page.

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