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Volunteer Management


Your Bloomerang plan is based on the amount of volunteer records you have in your database. Bloomerang Volunteer comes with unlimited managers and multiple organizations.

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    Plan includes:

    • recruiting resume document Screening & Recruitment Process Fully customize your screening workflows and assess people quickly and automatically so they can get right to the mission.
    • Task List Lock Post Public & Private Opportunities Volunteers can see all of your opportunities and roles listed on your website or branded sign-up page.
    • Checked Calendar Shift Waitlisting and Approvals Accept or reject volunteers to the shifts they request, and automatically add volunteers to a waitlist when all shift slots are taken.
    • Single Neutral Time Scheduling & Shift Self Sign Up Volunteer managers can use RosterMode™ to match volunteers automatically based on qualifications and availability. Volunteers can see available opportunities and sign up for the roles, tasks, and shifts that work best for them.
    • Work Flow Data Table Service Hours Reports and Data Exports Easily export, review, and report on your volunteer program data to key stakeholders. Secure funding and optimize your program to make an even larger impact year over year.
    • Email/Messaging Email, SMS, In App Communications Stay connected by sending manual or automated messages to individuals or groups.
    • Smartphone Volunteer & Admin Mobile App Manage your volunteers from anywhere in real-time with the only patented volunteer management mobile app on the market.
    • Customer Kiosk Volunteer Kiosk Improve attendance tracking onsite with Bloomerang Volunteer self check-in application.
    • Location/User Geo-Location Tracking and Management Define geofences to further understand the whereabouts of your volunteers at their time of check-in/out.
    • Phone Mesaging Real-Time In-App Messaging Gain efficiencies by keeping in touch with your team in real-time.
    • Teamwork High-Five Community Hub Grant access to team leads, partner organizations, community groups, and corporations to self manage their unique volunteers and opportunities. Create rolled-up reports on your community's volunteer activities.