Bloomerang: Donor Engagement Through Fundraising Events


Fundraising events are a near-ubiquitous tool for nonprofit organizations.

They’re great for raising awareness, cultivating existing supporters and finding new supporters.

Whether you’re organizing a gala, a walk/run, a golf tournament, or something completely unique to your own nonprofit, it’s essential that your donor database supports you.

Luckily, Bloomerang has you covered.

Easily Create Web Forms for Event Registration

With Bloomerang, there’s no need for a separate event registration platform.

Your constituents can sign up for events online using our event registration forms. These forms also make tracking attendance and event revenue easier. They automatically create a transaction entry on the constituent’s timeline and an interaction entry from the confirmation email!

You can also run event registration reports in just a few simple clicks.

Gone are the days of having to worry about importing from EventBrite!

Beyond the Event – Cultivate Event Attendance Into Lasting Relationships

Sure, having a donor database that handles your event registration is great.

But the real power of Bloomerang lies in the ability to turn those event attendees into lifelong supporters of your organization.

Innovative Ways to Leverage Bloomerang Before, During and After the Event

Twitter Listening Hub

Social Listening

Got a hashtag for your event? Connect your organization’s Twitter account for powerful social media monitoring. You can even match tweets to constituents in your database, or add new constituents who are tweeting about you.


Timeline Highlights

Bloomerang’s timeline shows you every interaction your org has had with a constituent, and arranges them chronologically and by type. You can easily see how event attendance has impacted the relationship.


Constituent Engagement Level™

Past interactions, including event registration and attendance, impact Bloomerang’s engagement meter. Donor engagement is measured in “cold,” “warm,” “hot,” and “on fire!”


Advanced Reporting

Want to see who has attended an event but never donated? Or who just made their first donation at an event? Or maybe someone who is your top event promoter? These insights are at your fingertips!


Constituent Relationship Visibility

Relationships between loyal supporters and those whom they invite to your events will have high visibility. Use this feature to make new connections between constituents, and strengthen existing ones!

Custom Fields

Unlimited Custom Fields

Track any type of information about your constituent that you want with our unlimited custom fields. For event-driven fundraisers, consider tracking whether a constituent has mobility issues, doesn’t drink, or what table they like to see at. The possibilities are endless!

Screen Event Attendees for Philanthropic Capacity

With the available DonorSearch integration, Bloomerang users can easily gather comprehensive information on a constituent’s wealth and history of philanthropic giving.

Right from the Bloomerang interface, users are only one click away from an in-depth report that is returned within seconds!

DonorSearch’s newly redesigned Integrated Search puts information from 25 public and proprietary databases at your fingertips, along with detailed analytics and modeling.

Organizations can research in-depth information about any prospective donor, formulate ask amounts, identify an engagement strategy and more.

See It All In Action


Up Your Game with Bloomerang for Benevon

Fundraisers who follow the Benevon model know the power of point of entry events and ask events. That’s why we’ve partnering with Benevon to provide a customized, easy-to-use, cloud-based donor management solution that integrates with the Benevon Model.

With Bloomerang for Benevon, users will have built-in Benevon-specific fields, interaction types and reports that will guide you through the cultivation process and allow you to track your relationships with donors.

More Than Just Software

Bloomerang, in partnership with Qgiv and Give Smart, funded a ground-breaking report from Adrian Sargeant, Professor of Fundraising and Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth, which outlines for the first time what overarching factors may have a part to play in distinguishing genuinely outstanding fundraising events from merely ‘average’ ones.

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