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The Bloomerang Method

We are so glad that you’re interested in Bloomerang!

3 Steps to Success

One of our core values is transparency, and in that spirit we’d like to give you an idea of what our sales and onboarding method looks like from beginning to end. It’s as unique as our software, and designed in such a way that you’ll gain value during each step – regardless of whether you ultimately choose our solution.

From the moment you show interest in Bloomerang, a dedicated account executive will be working alongside you in a consultative manner to ultimately discover and deliver a customized solution to help your organization cure its pain points and meet its objectives.

Customers who switch to Bloomerang, the best Little Green Light alternative, are thrilled to have more features to help them fundraise.

Needs Assement

We want to know as much about how your organization operates as possible, beyond just your use of technology. During the Needs Assessment stage, we’ll dive into all aspects of fundraising at your organization, including:

  • What technologies you are currently using?
  • What types of fundraising channels do you utilize?
  • What does your community of donors look like?


Not only will this consultative conversation help us understand your organization’s objectives, but you’ll also come away knowing more about your organization than you did before!

Bloomerang makes their customers smile like this man who is surrounded by leaves.

Proposal Review

Now that we’ve got a good chunk of the information-gathering behind us, we get to use the Proposal Review stage to dive into your specific CRM needs together. Based on the previous Needs Analysis conversation, you and your account executive will look at:

  • If and how Bloomerang can address your organization’s specific needs.
  • A Custom Action Plan outlining exactly how Bloomerang’s unique functionality can have an impact on your fundraising efforts.
  • If and how Bloomerang can produce a positive return on investment.
  • What your total first-year investment will look like.


This step may also include a conversation with one of our conversion programmers, who will examine your existing data in order to create a game plan for the conversion. Once we all agree on your organization’s most pressing needs and if and how Bloomerang can help you meet those needs, we’ll then you’ll move forward to the final stage.

Nonprofit employee using Bloomerang


Many software providers demo their product very early on in the conversation. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, we know how valuable your time is. By performing the demo last, we can make sure that the demo is customized to your specific needs.

We’ll focus on demonstrating product functionality that’s most meaningful to you, and at the end of the demo, you’ll have a very clear picture of how your organization can use Bloomerang to its maximum potential.

We want you — and all decision-makers — to walk away feeling confident, no matter what decision you make.

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Why it Works

Informed Decision-Making
We will help you uncover your true needs and most important objectives.

Objective-Focused Solutions
Because we want long-term, happy customers, we won’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Knowing What Comes Next
Transparency on both sides encourages genuine conversation and truly-informed decisions, plus it’s more fun!

Freedom to Walk Away at Any Time
At each step, we will evaluate whether it makes sense for both parties to continue on towards the next step.

No One Hounding You Endlessly
You’ll never be locked into an endless sales cycle or be badgered by a salesperson when you don’t want to be.

“The folks at Bloomerang are spectacular! From the introduction sessions to the conversion process (I know many of you know the length and tediousness of this process) to our database going live, Bloomerang made it easy and quick. This is a must have product for any small nonprofit! You will love the dashboard.”

Kamuela L. Bannister Senior Development Specialist, Bay Clinic, Inc.

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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