This past March, Bloomerang released an innovative new feature that allows organizations to measure their constituents’ visits to their website. This information is factored into the Engagement Score in Bloomerang.

Now, this feature has gotten even better. If a constituent clicks a link to your organization’s website in an email sent through Bloomerang, the system will now automatically make the connection between the user visiting the site and the constituent the email was sent to.



Why did we make this change? Simply put, the original feature wasn’t awesome enough! While the ability to segment your donor database by those who have visited your website is very powerful, it is really only useful if you have a large number of constituents that you know visited your site. Our data shows that, on average, 4.4% of an organization’s website visits could be associated with a particular constituent. That’s actually pretty impressive, considering that it only includes users who filled out a donation or email signup form since the organization started using the Website Visits feature. But we think it could be a lot better.

The more potential donors whose website activity you can see, the better your chances of converting those visits into actual donations! With this new integration, you can now begin to see the activity of constituents who enter your database through different channels, or who filled out your website forms before you put the Website Visits code snippet on your website. This means that you can start to measure the website visits of a significantly larger portion of your donor database.

All of the great reasons to use our Online Engagement feature are still there: you can use this data to create targeted campaigns to reach out to potential donors who are interested in your organization, but have not yet contributed financially. For example, you could narrow down a LYBUNT report to only users who have visited your website in the last month – people who are still interested in your organization, but might need just a little extra push to make them donate again. Only now, you will have more data, so you can target even more constituents with these sorts of very specific campaigns.


So what should I do now?

First, make sure that you have Bloomerang’s Website Visits snippet included in your organization’s website. Ideally, you want all of the pages on your website to have the feature, so put it in your site header or another location common to all your pages.

Then, send mass emails as you normally would – just make sure the templates include a link back to your organization’s website. Whoever clicks the link will be automatically included in your Online Engagement data.

Emmanuel Greene

Emmanuel Greene

Senior Software Engineer at Bloomerang
Emmanuel Greene is a Senior Product Engineer at Bloomerang.