Are you ready to find out how your donors feel about you?

World-renowned donor retention expert, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, tells us that intelligently crafted customer (donor) surveys can help organizations measure satisfaction, trust, commitment, and intimacy among their donors.

Why does this matter?

If your organization isn’t perceived as being trustworthy, or if your donors aren’t feeling committed, satisfied, or close to your organization, do you think they are likely to give again? Probably not.

Wouldn’t you like to know where you stand?

Bloomerang partnered with Dr. Sargeant to bring you Donor Engagement Surveys. With questions based on science (not opinion), Engagement Surveys will diagnose areas that are keeping your organization from having the strongest relationships possible with your donors. They will also identify what you are doing right, so you can continue doing what you do well!

Donor-Centric Surveys

Bloomerang Donor Engagement Surveys consist of three survey types for New, Existing, and Lapsed Donors. The questions vary depending on which stage of the relationship the donor is in with your organization.

Timeline Activity

Engagement Surveys are automatically sent to donors based on their giving activities. Yes, that’s right, surveys will reach your donors without any effort on your part to figure out to whom or when they should be sent! {Insert rejoicing for all the extra time you will have for building relationships with your donors.}

Interactions are created on the donor’s timeline anytime a survey is sent, or when a survey response is received.

Engagement Level Impact

A donor’s Engagement Score is updated when survey responses are received…even if the scores are low. A donor who takes the time to respond to a survey is an engaged donor.

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Donor Responses

Real-time affinity scores for Trust, Commitment, Satisfaction, and Intimacy are calculated so you can see how your donors feel about you. If your organization has a lower score in a specific category, you can drill down to individual survey questions to determine where you should focus your organization’s efforts.

Affinity Over Time

The Engagement Survey dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of how your affinity scores have changed over time. Easily identify if your scores trend upward, or sink, during certain times of the year. Compare your new donor scores to your existing donor scores. Also, discover what lapsed donors are stating as the top reasons for no longer supporting your organization.

We know there are only so many hours in the day. Bloomerang is here to help. Engagement Surveys were created to provide you with a two-way communication channel with your donors. Use them to find out how your donors truly feel about your organization. Listen to them, and seize this opportunity to build better relationships with your donors starting today!

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Jessica Hartnagle

Jessica Hartnagle

VP of Product Management at Bloomerang
Jessica Hartnagle is the VP of Product Management at Bloomerang. She has over 15 years of experience consulting and implementing nonprofit donor CRM systems.