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Do You Find Significance in Your Work? And Workplace?

Do You Find Significance in Your Work? And Workplace?
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In his latest book, best-selling author Seth Godin tackles the question “What makes a great job?” He approaches this question with curiosity, humanity, and a modern day socioeconomic landscape. And naturally, research. Godin polled more than 10,000 people from 90+ countries to get to the answer that served as the framework for his book “The Song of Significance – A New Manifesto for Teams.” Godin asks “what makes a great job?” The responses did not involve salary, autonomy or time investment; but rather a universal theme of making a difference. People want their jobs to be opportunities to make a difference. To do something with significance. And to be treated with dignity and respect.

Nonprofit professionals may find Godin’s latest book a manifesto for their life’s work because they are true “difference-makers.” But his book delves deeper into workplace culture, roles, expectations and work product. He proposes looking back to pre-industrial times, breaking it all down and building it up again…differently. Imagine what it would look like to create a place where everyone is contributing their best self, creating possibility, exceeding expectations and doing work of significance. What would change? And how would you change?

“The Song of Significance” tackles questions to reset how employees and supervisors view, approach, measure and define work. Seth Godin joins “The Intentional Fundraiser” podcast with Tammy Zonker on May 28th to discuss the launch of his new book. We invite you to listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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