Year-End Fundraising

Making The Most Of Year-End Giving: Practical Tips For The Most Important Campaign Of The Year

Traditionally, the fundraising calendar goes out with a bang with nonprofits throwing a year-end giving campaign. Loosely defined, it’s the final push to meet and exceed your organization’s financial objectives before the end of the year. This campaign is helped along by more than seasonal good cheer; it’s also the [...]

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Fundraising Magic Tricks to Boost Year-End Response

Don’t hit ‘send’ until… You’ve considered all these magic tricks to boost year-end response to your fundraising emails. And, by the way, if you’re not planning a lot of email communications you should know what you’re missing. Per different NextAfter studies, email brings in 199%... 666%.... 117%... more revenue than [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Peer-to-Peer Campaign for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has earned the reputation of being the single biggest giving day for nonprofits. Many nonprofits take to social media, engage in livestreams, and send direct mail appeals to raise money for their mission on Giving Tuesday. Many of these campaign strategies ask supporters to give, but they don’t [...]

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