How to Overcome the Fear That Success Is Selfish in Order to Better Serve Your Nonprofit and Your Community

This post is part of a series on limiting beliefs. Read the first post on overcoming the fear that your story doesn’t matter.  This blog series is designed to help nonprofit professionals like you make subtle mindset shifts that can make a big difference in your work, as well as [...]

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How to Overcome the Fear That Your Story Doesn’t Matter in Order to Better Serve Your Nonprofit and Your Community

This post is part of a series on limiting beliefs. Stay tuned for future posts!  In this post on limiting beliefs, I want to talk about a common one I hear from nonprofit professionals: the fear that their story doesn’t matter. As nonprofit professionals, we have the power to make [...]

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DEI in Nonprofit Storytelling: A Beginner’s Guide to Sharing Empowering Stories

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion in Nonprofit Storytelling Few things connect people together better than stories, which is why it’s important that your nonprofit showcases as many diverse and inclusive stories as possible.  But how do you go about that? How do you tell stories that are influenced by and meet [...]

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4 Tips For Telling Nonprofit Stories About Difficult Subjects

In the nonprofit world, we often walk a delicate tightrope when it comes to the stories we tell. Many nonprofits deal with difficult subjects—illness, hunger, abuse, war, loneliness, addiction—and it’s often detailed accounts of those subjects that inspire people to give. However, raising money isn’t as simple as telling difficult [...]

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4 Key Ingredients to A Good Story: How to Tell Compelling Nonprofit Stories

Over centuries, storytelling has followed a similar pattern. Once you’ve cracked the code to the pattern, you’ll find that telling compelling nonprofit stories becomes less overwhelming and more manageable. You can apply the same blueprint again and again and know the stories will be well received by your audience.  Below [...]

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Creating Story-Worthy Nonprofit Content: Do Something Good to Share Something Good

Are you struggling to come up with fresh and interesting story-worthy nonprofit content to share with your constituents? As nonprofit professionals, the chances are excellent that you are doing great work each and every day. However, it’s also possible your communications feel slightly stale if you are sharing the same [...]

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