“The Virus Made Us Do It” – Avoid These 5 Myths to Succeed with Organizational Change

Whether your organization’s work life has been stay-at-home and online or essential workers taking temperatures with protective gear, or a mix of both, COVID-19 has brought change and there’s no end in sight to making adjustments as we gradually return.   How should nonprofits manage their COVID-19 changes? How can they [...]

The Problem with Know-it-All Nonprofit Leadership

Everybody knows them: People who know everything. At least, that’s what they believe.  It’s tempting to ignore these people. Because it seems so hard to change them. But if know-it-alls are leading your nonprofit, you’ve got a serious problem. Because know-it-alls are insecure. That’s why they’re so insistent on taking every opportunity [...]

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Change Isn’t Constant, It’s Required

"The only constant is change." How cliché and how true! Everyone and everything encounter change. Nonprofits experience this regularly with turnover on their Board of Directors, new executive leadership, collaborations and partnerships…and during a global pandemic. While some changes come with plenty of planning and strategy, not every time offers [...]

Why You Need Culture of Philanthropy as a Management System

I once had a boss who insisted employee morale didn’t matter. She even sent me articles from Harvard Business Review purporting to prove this (if you read them closely, they didn’t).  Her insistence on this was directly related to her management style.  Top down.  Holding information close to the vest.  [...]

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Creating an “All In!” Nonprofit Engagement Framework of Board, Staff and Volunteers

No matter how large or small your nonprofit organization may be, it is imperative that every Board member, staff and volunteer enthusiastically embrace both a donor-centric approach and an enthusiastic role in the overall fundraising effort. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Everyone associated [...]

A Proven Path for Nonprofit Boards from Conflict to Progress

The worry in Howard’s voice came through the phone line. Howard, the board president of a medium-sized arts and culture organization, reached out to us to work with the organization’s board of directors. From the outside, County Theatre Co. was having a banner year, bringing record crowds to its signature [...]