7 Ways to Keep the Saddest Situation from Happening in the Nonprofit Sector

One of the happiest and most fulfilling results of providing database technology to the nonprofit sector for nearly four decades has been being able to witness the overwhelming majority of those new customers raise more dollars each year to fund their mission. In the last seven years at Bloomerang we [...]

Become the Nonprofit Leadership Change You Want to Be Using Neuroscience

I often turn to principles of neuroscience and psychology to understand what makes folks tick. I’m particularly interested in how these principles impact decision making. Especially, the decision to become involved philanthropically. To volunteer. To affiliate. To advocate. To give. In my life as a fundraising and nonprofit marketing leader [...]

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Why Your Form 990 Process is Critical for Fundraising Success

When I started in nonprofit years ago I had no idea what a Form 990 was. All those numbers and checkboxes seemed like a lot of painful information for someone to fill out. Frankly, I didn’t understand what most of it meant. I’ve put off filing because of “more important” [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] State of the Nonprofit Workplace 2019

We've all seen the stats outlining the poor retention rates for working fundraisers, with most leaving their positions every 16-18 months. Researcher Penelope Burk found that this costs nonprofits $127,650 in direct and indirect costs every time a fundraiser needs to be backfilled. While there's a lot of (good!) ideas and strategies [...]

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