A Tale of 3 Donor Communication Experiences

The following is a story. Two out of three of my recent giving experiences have been negative. Within a three week period, I gave to three different organizations, one large, one medium, and one small: Org A - Larger higher education institution Org B - Medium higher education institution Org [...]

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5 Steps to Communicate Effectively with Donors When Scandal Hits

Every so often, a scandal puts a nonprofit all over social media, newspaper headlines, and the evening news. For those of us working within those organizations, it can be a heart-wrenching time. Whether you are actively involved in communications, development, or administrative roles, a scandal can make the core foundation [...]

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20 Answers That Will Change Your Charity’s Donor Communications Forever

Tom Ahern, a dear friend and Bloomerang’s Communications Coach recently released a free downloadable eBook that can literally change your charity’s donor communications forever. More importantly, for many nonprofit organizations the level of funding for your mission could be increased significantly based upon the knowledge gained and the best practices [...]

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7 Ways That Surveying Donors Empowers Fundraisers

There’s no shortage of things the experts say fundraisers should be doing: handwritten notes, donor visits, thank you phone calls, bequest marketing; the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming when you’re bogged down planning an event that your leadership team insists on, or when you’re simply trying [...]

NOW Is The Time To Prepare For Your Year-End Appeal Acknowledgement Process

As Labor Day approaches in the United States, you will read about and be invited to many webinars helping you and your fundraising team prepare your year-end appeals. In addition, there will just as much stating you need to prepare for your Giving Tuesday appeal(s). However, very seldom (if ever) [...]

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Anatomy of a Stellar First-Time Donor Gift Acknowledgement

Meet Sarah Willey, Director of Development at Great Rivers Environmental Law Center and my new fundraising hero. She's out here fighting for Missouri's environment while showing off her donor communications skills. I don't know why she attended one of my recent webinars on donor retention (because she should be the [...]

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