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Making The Most Of Year-End Giving: Practical Tips For The Most Important Campaign Of The Year

Traditionally, the fundraising calendar goes out with a bang with nonprofits throwing a year-end giving campaign. Loosely defined, it’s the final push to meet and exceed your organization’s financial objectives before the end of the year. This campaign is helped along by more than seasonal good cheer; it’s also the [...]

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Donation Receipts: Understanding the Obligation and the Opportunity

You know you have to keep accurate records for your nonprofit’s health and transparency and to be in good standing with state and local laws. Some of the tasks associated with maintaining records—like sending donation receipts—can seem tedious and unnecessary. Even so, you can’t opt out of sending them: The [...]

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4 Tips For Telling Nonprofit Stories About Difficult Subjects

In the nonprofit world, we often walk a delicate tightrope when it comes to the stories we tell. Many nonprofits deal with difficult subjects—illness, hunger, abuse, war, loneliness, addiction—and it’s often detailed accounts of those subjects that inspire people to give. However, raising money isn’t as simple as telling difficult [...]

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Turning the Summer Fundraising Slump into a Windfall for Your Nonprofit

For many of us, summer fundraising can be frustrating because often our donor communications during this season yield less-than-ideal results.  If that sounds like your nonprofit’s typical summer, here are some things you can do to offset that summer slump with an unexpected windfall: 1. Determine if a summer fundraising [...]

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Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering Relevant Content Marketing

This is part three in a six-part series. Read part one and part two.  In part one of this series, I outlined my top six fundraising strategies for 2021:  Investing in digital-first fundraising and marketing communications Mastering online user experience and messaging Mastering relevant content marketing Mastering personalized, customer-centered philanthropy [...]

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4 Key Ingredients to A Good Story: How to Tell Compelling Nonprofit Stories

Over centuries, storytelling has followed a similar pattern. Once you’ve cracked the code to the pattern, you’ll find that telling compelling nonprofit stories becomes less overwhelming and more manageable. You can apply the same blueprint again and again and know the stories will be well received by your audience.  Below [...]

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