3 Nonprofit New Year’s Eve Emails That Thanked Instead of Asked

Over the last few years, New Year's Eve has started to feel a little bit like Giving Tuesday, with a flood of email appeals touting expiring match opportunities, goal shortfalls and giving deadlines bordering on aggressive. [spoken in a curmudgeon's voice] Spending some time today unsubscribing from nonprofit emails. Like [...]

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Boost Donor Response | 6 Technology and Communication Tips

Digital communications are essential for robust fundraising strategies today. Everything from your emails to your social media posts, blogs to live video streams, how you communicate with your donors and the community at large is becoming increasingly just as important as your message itself. Email is generally the most important [...]

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Donor-Centricity: It’s Not Just For Donors

Bloomerang was proud to join Pursuant and The Institute for Conversational Fundraising to support The Philanthropy Centre in its landmark study on just how massively important saying thank you really is. The report is chock-full of interesting experiments, each with tangible takeaways for all fundraisers, including a simple method that [...]

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A Tale of 3 Donor Communication Experiences

The following is a story. Two out of three of my recent giving experiences have been negative. Within a three week period, I gave to three different organizations, one large, one medium, and one small: Org A - Larger higher education institution Org B - Medium higher education institution Org [...]

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