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How-To Get Your Nonprofit Creative Content Juices Flowing with the 5 Basic Story Types

Discover the Five Basic Story Types to Inspire Your Audience into Action and Get Your Nonprofit Creative Content Juices Flowing When searching for inspiration for your next newsletter, e-mail, or public appeal, consider examining the five tried and true story types to get your nonprofit creative content juices flowing. The [...]

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3 Tips to Hook Your Nonprofit Audience’s Attention from the Beginning

How-To Write a Stellar Opening Statement That Will Draw Your Nonprofit Audience's Attention in Immediately  What is the difference between content that captures your nonprofit audience's attention and draws them in and content that people just scroll past or send to “spam?” It’s all about the hook. A hook is [...]

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How to Leverage the Power of Nonprofit Stories When You Must Respect Identities

Storytelling Ethics 101: Protecting Anonymity As a non-profit professional, chances are good you’ve been told about the power of nonprofit stories – and if you haven’t, now you have. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication available because it humanizes your mission and connects your supporters in [...]

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How to Share Vulnerable Nonprofit Stories Tastefully and Respectfully

Storytelling Ethics 101: How to Avoid Exploitation Storytelling is an essential element to effective communication. Nonprofit stories often play a key role in maximizing an organization’s overall impact and income. But let’s face it, storytelling can be vulnerable. The human experience can be a delicate, complicated, and emotional at times. [...]

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Fundraising Magic Tricks to Boost Year-End Response

Don’t hit ‘send’ until… You’ve considered all these magic tricks to boost year-end response to your fundraising emails. And, by the way, if you’re not planning a lot of email communications you should know what you’re missing. Per different NextAfter studies, email brings in 199%... 666%.... 117%... more revenue than [...]

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