5 Key Points of Prospect Research to Improve Donor Response

Aside from helping to identify prospective major donors, boosting your nonprofit’s rate of donor response is the key purpose of donor research. If you’re struggling to secure a prospect’s support, it’s time to double down with your data! You already put careful thought into your communication strategies to keep your [...]

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Donor-Centered Digital Communications: How Do You Tailor the Nonprofit Experience?

If you’re not actively engaging with folks online in today’s digitally-revolutionized zeitgeist, you’re missing a huge opportunity. One of the best ways to engage with folks online is through content marketing.   In Part 1 of this three-part series we looked at how you can create a value-for-value exchange with [...]

26 Questions Every Nonprofit Should Ask Their Crowdfunding Provider

Crowdfunding is a bold, new and sometimes surprising, if not dangerous, world when it comes to donor relations, fees, receiving funds and other aspects of the process. Few fundraisers who have embraced it knew exactly what they were getting into when utilizing a crowdfunding provider. The 26 questions listed below [...]

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Nonprofit Newsletters Donors Abhor

Most nonprofit newsletters, sadly, are the antithesis of what donors crave. In 2001 I attended my first workshop with Penelope Burk, author of Donor-Centered Fundraising. It completely changed how I approached fundraising. It also changed how I approached nonprofit marketing. Specifically, I learned something most donors simply won’t tell you [...]

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Donor-Centered Content Marketing Worksheet & Checklist

Content marketing is about engagement. Not just any content will do though. It must be closely aligned with your constituents’ interests, which means creating and disseminating content simply for “top of mind awareness” is no longer sufficient. It’s critical that you integrate content marketing and fundraising. The single biggest step [...]

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