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How To Collaborate with Your Community: Brainstorming For Greater Impact and Lower Expenses

Joining forces with other organizations, rather than competing with them, can help you improve your bottom lines and create exponential reach. If you already have collaborations in place, it’s also important to periodically reflect on them to see if you can do more to maximize those relationships and create an [...]

How to Promote Corporate Giving Even Amidst COVID Cutbacks

Budgets slashed, companies (both non- and for-profit) faced furloughs and cutbacks, and even now, events are significantly limited or on-hold. It may seem like a bleak outlook for nonprofit organizations. But the good news is that businesses and individuals are still prioritizing giving so you can still promote corporate giving.  [...]

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Corporate Social Responsibility and You – How A Corporate Partnership Can Help Your Nonprofit Thrive

Looking to change the world, and get your message out to more people than ever before? Consider partnering your nonprofit with a corporate sponsor - here’s why. The fact that you’re running a nonprofit organization, whatever your end goals, is awesome. You’re trying to change the world, and that’s incredible. [...]

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