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Eli Wood was previously a Software Engineer at Bloomerang.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Avoid Bad Reports

Every nonprofit wants to have nice reports. Far fewer take the time to lay a good data foundation on which those reports are based. Ever heard the old saying “Garbage in, garbage out?” If the data in the database is garbage, then the reports will be garbage. […]

By |2017-06-10T19:05:34-04:00February 24th, 2015|Data|

5 Ways Migrating Donor Data Is Like Moving

Moving into a new home is never fun. It's a lot of work, and aspects of it can be unpleasant. A data migration into a new CRM or database can be just as challenging. However, if you look at how professional movers approach the task of packing and transporting furniture, [...]

By |2017-06-10T19:33:18-04:00May 9th, 2014|Data|
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