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3 Reasons Why I Work at Bloomerang


I have been working at Bloomerang since early 2015, and I love it. There are many reasons for this, but I’d like to focus on three specifically here.

1. First and foremost among them is that the people that I work with are just spectacularly awesome.

An amazing group of people that genuinely care about each other and the clients that have graciously chosen to work with us as well. Understand that if you come on board to work with Bloomerang (in any capacity), you will be amazed at how well you are treated, and how much people will care about you.

2. Secondly, I love our processes.

I have a few other sales gigs under my belt at this point, and Bloomerang’s sales process is far superior to anywhere else I have been.

How so, you ask? I’m glad you asked.

For starters, we say “no” sometimes. Do you have any idea how rare that is? How empowering it is to work for an organization that isn’t afraid to tell a prospective client that we might not be the solution they are looking for? In the past, I have been in organizations that saw themselves as a universal solution for everybody, and we were expected to figure out how to make it work for clients that might not have actually been a great fit. Bloomerang is smart enough to know that we would prefer to be a master of donor retention and not a Jack of all Trades, trying to be everything to everybody.

We do not jump straight to the demo without first getting to know the organizations who are exploring their database options. We spend an hour on the phone with them, getting to know their organizational mission, their fundraising metrics, how they use social media, and a whole host of other topics, then design a customized proposal for them, THEN reconnect for a demo.

Those extra steps allow us to explore in great detail the problems these organizations are facing, in order to ensure that the solutions we are offering are actually a good fit. We have hundreds of organizations who are references for us because we took the time to ensure that they would be happy with their purchase before we moved forward with them.

This lengthened sales process ensure we are helping our customers, guiding and consulting with them along their journey; at other stops along the way, I have felt more like a pusher who was forcing people to make a decision about something that might or might not help them. I much prefer to consult.

3. Lastly, I love our product.

Lots of tech start ups talk about “changing the world.” And they are.

Sort of.

Not really, sometimes.

But we are.

Actually, YOU are.

We love helping you change the world. It’s an awesome feeling. You are impacting the community around you, helping make a difference each and every day. And we are helping you to raise money more efficiently by leveraging the relationships you already have with people who are also excited about what you are doing. We are helping you communicate better with those people, in order to express your thankfulness at their generosity. We are helping you understand the relationships you have with your donors, in order to retain more of them; this brings more funds into your organization, which enables you to do more good!

So yeah, we’re helping you change our world.

And that’s why I love working at Bloomerang.

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